The Big Flippening Between the USDT and USDC Is Getting Closer and Could Occur As Early As October 2022. | by Sylvain Saurel | Aug, 2022

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The USDT/USDC ratio has fallen from 1.83 at the end of 2021 to 1.22 today.

At the end of 2021, I told you about an upcoming big flippening in the world of cryptocurrencies. The one that no one was talking about since everyone is focused on Bitcoin and Ethereum when talking about flippening. While the debate about a potential flippening between BTC and ETH, which will not happen, believe me, is picking up steam, the flippening I was talking about back then is becoming clearer.

The market cap spread between USDT and USDC has continued to narrow throughout 2022:

Image: Sylvain Saurel

The USDT/USDC ratio has thus gone from 1.83 at the end of 2021 to 1.22 at the time of writing.

On a chart, you will see even better the trend that is taking shape and that seems unstoppable:

USDT vs. USDC market cap by Sylvain Saurel

The pioneer USDT, which has been in the first place since its origins, could well find itself relegated to the back of the USDC, which has been taunting it for some time. This is the prospect envisaged by analysts at Arcane Research who, given the rising curve of the USDC and the declining trajectory of the USDT, expect a reversal soon.

For all investors in the sector, stablecoins are a key part of their crypto portfolio acquisition strategy. Not only do they stabilize the value of the portfolio, but they also allow investors to avoid capital gains tax, at least on a limited basis.

Stablecoins are also at the heart of much decentralized finance (DeFi) schemes, allowing users to generate attractive returns (compared to traditional finance). As a key pillar of the industry, which is why regulators give them preferential treatment, choosing a stablecoin is a key way to protect yourself from the volatility of the industry when measuring the value of your portfolio in US dollars.

A mistake not to make if you are a true Bitcoiner as I have often explained in the past.

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