Cardano Based Project Accelerator Starboundpad And Its Private Sale Launch Details

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Starboundpad is a decentralized accelerator and exchange platform built on Cardano. The initiative connects early-stage Cardano innovators and projects with donors, gives $STAR holders early access to seed rounds, presales, and private sales of Cardano projects, and ensures allocation to seed rounds, presales, and private sales.

It is intended to be a revolutionary decentralized token launch platform that provides the most cost-effective and safest possible transaction environment to all users. It has a seamless user interface that enables users to set up sales campaigns within minutes and start having investors on the platform.

Starboundpad’s easy-to-use interface is also customizable and can be automated to suit the kind of token to be launched, all at a very low fee. The intuitive design also allows anyone to participate in the early stages of exciting new project launches by simply connecting their Metamask wallets. The first use case for the project is already underway, powered by the ecosystem of Cardano-native ventures.

The team has also launched their first cohort of projects, which you can learn more about below, which have the potential to make a real impact on the Cardano ecosystem.

How to buy $STAR Tokens




First, you need to purchase ADA from an exchange. Send the ADA to your YOROI wallet (Download Here). Finally, send ADA from YOROI wallet to the private sale address addr1qxk8eaj99sz7scvaw6fsgmy0wget6fjuqff6akp5mpyj9aj2lryhpth8z42w52mp383nhzsw0e6vasud6z8myk00eu2qdx5pl6

Potential investors can thoroughly analyze projects before investing in them on Starboundpad. The following are some of the advantages of using the platform.

  • Users can share and earn both online and offline. They can participate in affiliate sales from their phones or web browser and commission on affiliate sales, and rewards will be paid directly into your Cardano wallet
  • As a new model for seed funding, Starbound has also opened the door for other startups to join in. 
  • Starboundpad is the most affordable and efficient launchpad platform and does not require you to convert your token into a neutral asset, as you may use the solution in exchange for one percent of the entire distribution. It also charges 0.5% of the bounty for marketing and a 1% contribution to the network vault, in addition to the existing platform
  • It is a completely permissionless solution with its hands-free automation and a la carte sale structure.

Apart from being a next-gen launchpad for the Defi sector that is customizable to suit users’ needs, Starboundpad’s ease of use allows users to access platform features with just a few clicks. This lowers the barrier to adoption, giving everyone access to DeFi. 

The system is designed to protect investors and token projects from rug pull by providing a layer of security in which Team tokens can be locked up in a publicly viewable smart contract with a simple click-and-deploy mechanism. Investors, on the other hand, are provided with a non-custodial third-party token bank, so everyone is protected.


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