Yoga Exercise – 1,000-day Meditation Chant With Your Yoga Exercise For a Courageous Spirit

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What is an efficient way for you to gain a courageous spirit in order to create community, realize prosperity and be able to face the future at the same time? How long will this take, and what benefits can you expect along the way? How relevant is this yoga exercise discipline for these times?

If you so desire and intend, community, prosperity and the ability to face the future can be yours. If you so desire, intend and act. The action is to engage in a common activity for self mastery, like meditation and specifically one with a chant.

Why A Chant

When you chant a mantra, it alters the patterns of the mind, and creates that space for a silence that is filled with awareness. The chemical composition of the brain fluid changes as the movement of the tongue touches the palate of the mouth.

Sound creates a vibration. Our thoughts are silent sounds that vibrations. We attract according to the frequency of our vibration. When you chant a mantra, you attract whatever you are vibrating.

How long to Meditate

3 minutes of meditation affects the circulation and your electromagnetic field.

11 minutes of meditation begins to change the nerves and glandular system.

22 minutes of meditation balances the 3 minds, and they begin to work together.

The discipline of 1000 days creates mastery for a new habit.

Stage 1 -40 days to change a habit.

Stage 2 -90 days to confirm the habit.

Stage 3 -120 days to own the habit.

Stage 4 -1000 days to master the new habit.

When to Meditate

It makes it easier to schedule this appointment at a regular time. First thing in the morning is the best time right after your yoga exercise. Your yoga exercise could be a mindful walk, movement, or a breathing exercise. If another time is better for you, of course make it then. Get together with friends and practice in community when you can.

Benefits of 1000-Day Practice

Mantras can transform destructive mental habits and limiting personality tendencies. If you like being alone or the other extreme seek attention and popularity these inclinations will evolve to community right along with your courageous spirit. Hoarding possessions or poverty consciousness will change to the realization of prosperity. And your courageous spirit will transform fear of the future or, the other end of the scale, fantasy of the future so you face the future.

According to astrological calendars the shift to the Age of Aquarius, one of 12 Ages, is November 11, 2011.  Your yoga exercise of a 1000-day meditation of grace will bless you with mastery and the awareness of human excellence.

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