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Understanding the basics of GPS Navigation

GPS NAVIGATION PNA (Pocket Navigation) can be divided according to the operating system:

GPS navigation with Windows Mobile CE (WinCE) operating system (most GPS NAVIGATION Mio,Becker,Sony,Blueberry,Magneo,Magellan…):
– WinCE 4.2 OS
– WinCE 5.0 OS
– WinCE 6.0 OS
GPS Navigation with the Linux operating system (Garmin, TomTom…)

Here we can say more about the first group – Navigation with WinCE OS:
GPS Navigation for connection to a PC, using „Active Sync“ while others „Mass Storage“. Some have one or other option. – „Mass storage“ – mass storage, a faster version, the data transfer between PC and GPS navigation. The only thing then you can not see the original folders (Flash drive, Windows …), so you can not modify data in these folders.

– „Active Sync“ – PC Connection sotver Windows Mobile and Windows OS. If using Vista and Windows 7 it is the software called „Windows Mobile Device Center“. Active sync is great, because it provides access to all system folders (Flash drive, Windows …), but is very slow because, usually, in order to speed 1.x and transfer large files, takes a long time.
GPS navigation devices navigation software warehouse, typically, the drive-in Flash (internal memory). Though for some, a rare case, the navigation software on the memory card externoj. Flash drive – internal memory GPS Navigation has a capacity of 50MB – 4GB, depending on the GPS navigation. Most often, the newer generation of GPS NAVIGATION, memory up to 2GB.

Windows, My Document and Program Files folders are stored on internal memory, but not the flash drive, but an additional protected partition on the internal memory (something like C: on the PC).

GPS Navigation, when starting, automatically run an autorun application. Less often is the case, I immediately run the navigation software. Autorun software, provides the ability to set basic functions, such as:
– The sound (volume, audibility of keys),
Display (Calibration (calibration display), Contast, Brightness)
– Audio player (a rare case that the navigation device has an audio player)
– Picture viewer (software for viewing images)
– Navigation (key to start the navigation software)



GPS NAVIGATION can be unlocked in various ways, and here we will talk about unlocking via SD or MMC memory cards externe. The entire card set virtual system (portable), such that it reads NAVIGATION with external memory card. Each time you start GPS navigation (if the memory card in the device), starts the „portable system OS“ if the card is removed, run the original software and the autorun again, after the return of the card into the machine and after rebooting, re-launches portable OS. Autorun software that is used to unlock the navigation, there are several variants:


Such software provides only the minimum necessary, but look nice and are easy to use.

All skin-these are interesting in their own way and all provide similar options:

– Start a navigation software and more

– Access to Windows Explorer

– Settings (Settings)

– Video and Audio Player


These portable operating systems provide a maximum. And give the possibility
installation of additional software, because they behave exactly like XP Operating
systems. Such a Portable OS, gives you the feeling that the hand holding Notebook (laptop) computer, not a navigation device. The possibilities are practically limitless.
Newer GPS navigation, to run powerful ARM9 ARM11 processor and have enough RAM to cope with almost any application. So the sense of working through „touch screen“, even more beautiful and easier than a notebook computer.Support for almost all devices. Few of those that can not be Unlock install some software.


Using simple, as in any notebook. Do some errors in the system (device), can not come, because all programs and all applications on the memory card and from there and run. Nothing is saved on your flash drive GPS navigation. If you find that GPS NAVIGATION slightly slower, after prolonged use, it is enough to restart the device and is again all right. Supported by almost all GPS navigation, where you can come by the internal Flash memory. Because the number of GPS Navigation on the market very large, it is best to make navigation to the first look I find that would unlock the superior solution for your GPS navigation.


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