The Importance of Learning Spanish Grammar

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It is important to learn proper Spanish grammar when you learn to speak and write the language. However, knowing grammar by itself will not make you a fluent speaker. Most courses in the language integrate the grammar with other aspects, such as the vocabulary and the proper pronunciation. One of the things you will realize about the grammar is that all nouns have a definite or indefinite article in front of them. In English you would simply say girl or boy. This is not so in Spanish. Girl is a chica?and boy is l chico? You cannot just say hica?or hico? All nouns are either masculine or feminine and there is no neuter gender as there is in English.

Just as there are rules for making nouns plural in English, there are also rules of grammar for this in Spanish. These are:

– If a noun ends in a vowel, add ?to make it plural. You must also make the definite or indefinite article plural as well. El becomes los and la becomes les.

– If a noun ends in a consonant, adds?to make the word plural.

– If a noun ends in on, you adds?but you drop the accent mark on the letter ?

– If a noun ends with the letter ? you change the ?to ?and adds?

There are only three categories of verbs in Spanish ?those ending in and To conjugate a verb from its infinitive form, you still use the same pronouns as you do in English. There are rules for conjugating each category of verb according to the subject pronoun, which are important for you to learn. While all verbs end in ?when you want to use the pronoun ? they differ when you use the singular form of ou? which is sted?in Spanish. In order to conjugate the verbs with this pronoun, the rule is to add ?when you are using an ?verb and to use ?when you use an or verb.

Adjectives follow the noun they describe, rather than the English placement of in front of the noun. The form of the adjectives also changes depending on whether the word being described is masculine or feminine and whether it is singular or plural. Most adjectives end with the letter ?and have four forms ?masculine singular, masculine plural, feminine singular and feminine plural. There are adjectives that do end in ?and to make them plural you add the letter ? If the adjective ends with a consonant, you adds?to form the plural.

These are just the basics of what is involved in learning grammar when you learn Spanish. Because of the gender it is important to know how to speak and write the language properly so that you won inadvertently insult the person to whom you are speaking or writing. When you are taking a course, your instructor will gladly assist you in knowing when and where to use the words properly.

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