The History of Spain in Gold Coins

Coin collectors are all enamored with the Spanish gold coin pieces that are offered for sale at auctions. These gold coins remind people about the history of Spain and are a great way of tracing a timeline with different coin specimens. For many collectors the gold coins that they purchase most often are the Doubloons.

These coins have a history that stretches back through hundreds of years and there is a special feeling that you are truly connecting with Spain’s past when you are able to hold one of these beautiful coins in your hands. Collectors appreciate the workmanship and design of the piece as well as the amount of gold that each coin contains. One can trace the raised letters on the coin and imagine pirates or kings once tracing those same designs with their own fingers 400 years in the past.

Even during the 15th and 16th centuries, these Spanish gold coins were popular with people in many countries. A Doubloon was considered to be an 8-escudo coin and this held about 27 grams of 22K gold. It was during the latter part of the 18th century that the weight of gold in the Doubloons was reduced to .9 grams. Because the early gold pieces were only used by the wealthiest citizens, they did not tend to see much handling and use. This means that for modern collectors some of these specimens are in mint condition. Many of these early coins command prices well over $1000.

Today coin collectors may have a vast array of different money in their private collection, but there are also some who collect only the choice examples of Spanish gold coins. There are many of these collections that contain one of a kind examples that others would love to have. Spanish coins were once plentiful and even today there are many available to the public, but collectors have to be very careful to make wise purchases.

Anyone who is collecting Spanish gold coins will need to make sure to deal only with trustworthy dealers and individuals. As is the case in many areas of collectibles, there are fakes and stolen coins that find their way into the marketplace. One of the best ways to protect yourself against fraud or unscrupulous practices is to always make sure that you receive an authentic certificate of authenticity. This should be a standard buying practice when dealing with any of the coins, but especially when purchasing salvaged coins that are obtained from shipwrecks.

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