Steamhouse International Mauritius Ltd

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Incorporated in 1996 Steam House Ltd is and engineering company operating mainly in the textile and hotel sector.
It offers a wide range of services in the following fields;

  • Mechanical and plumbing
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Waste water treatment treatment plant


To provide the best available engineering solutions to the textile and hotel industries and to extend our activities in
the African region.


Mechanical and plumbing

Supply and installation of the following equipments;

  • Boilers
  • -Compressors
  • -Pressing tables
  • -Toppers
  • -Washing machines
  • -Dryers
  • -Extractors

The range of products offered from I.VAR.INDUSTRY Srl goes from heating boilers from 23 up to 12000 kw, up to the superheated water boilers from 100 up to 12.000 kw of capacity; then steam boilers of different pressure from 50 up t 20.000 kg/h, and diathermic oil heaters , with capacity up to 12000 kw, and again wood fired boilers from 29 up to 65kw of capacity, and also stainless steel boilers.

Hot water boilers

  1. SuperRAC
  2. Trispace
  3. Ecocond
  4. Galaxia
  5. Inoxra
  6. Trinox

Steam boilers

  1. BHP – ECO
  2. BHP
  3. BLP
  4. SB/V
  5. VR

Diathermic oil heater

  1. ODE/C
  2. ODE/V
  3. OV


Engineering department

  • -Technical Manager: 1
  • -Technicians : 2
  • -Site supervisor : 1
  • -Workers : 6
  • Office department
  • -Accountant : 1
  • -Administrative : 3
  • -Store & procurement :2


  • -We provide full time technical support to all out customers.
  • -Our resources enable us to provide rapid and effective service to our clients.
  • -We provide spare parts and technical supports during week ends and public holidays.


  • -We can provide you with a ‚one stop shop‘ service for mechanical and electrical solutions.
  • -We can assist you all through setting up of your establishment and we go further with a continuous maintenance
    program assuring you the best service at all times.

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