Steam For Acne – How It Can Help To Treat Acne

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Many people plagued by acne say steam efficiently helps improve their skin condition. Let us take a look at four advantages of steaming, ideas on how to get the most out of it and some precautionary measures. At the end of this reading, you would have learned how to correctly steam for acne and find out for yourself if it works.

Applying steam on acne can help in four ways. First, it gets the pores to open. Dirt and debris becomes soft when steamed. This allows you to easily get rid of the impurities from clogged pores.

Secondly, steaming encourages you to sweat. Your body temperature will increase and soon you begin sweating. Your sweat contains salt and that kills the acne causing bacteria.

Thirdly, steaming gets your blood moving. The steam increases your body temperature and this leads to better circulation. The skin then receives more oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood vessels. Improved circulation also generates the growth of new tissues, thus giving your skin a youthful look.

Last of all, the steam moisturizes your skin. Without moisture, you skin becomes dry and pimples become worse.

You can make steaming for acne work even better when you apply the following suggestions. Mix to the boiling water with essential oils or herbs. Use mint to free clogged pores from dirt and oil. Lavender stops you from getting breakouts and lessens skin inflammation.

When using steam, give your face a wash before and after the treatment. Cleaning your face prior to steaming removes make up and impurities. This simple practice makes it easier for steam to rid your pores from undesirable particles.

It takes a while for the steam to saturate your skin. So make sure you don’t cut short the steaming time because then the steam won’t be able to permeate through your skin. 10 minutes is the minimum time for steaming.

Splash your face with cool water after the steaming session. Your skin becomes soft with the warm steam. So when you clean your face now, the dead skin cells can be removed easily. After toweling dry, apply on your face a mild moisturizer which also holds acne fighting ingredients.

Definitely steam can combat acne but there are some precautions you need to know about. It is common practice to steam for acne 2-3 times a week. Don’t go overboard as too much steaming can dry out your skin. This leads to your body producing more oil and in the end, pores get clogged. Of course, more breakouts will take place.

If you have severe acne and cysts, steam may not be advisable. The effects of it could make your condition worse. Stop immediately if you develop severe irritation or inflammation after steaming.

Sauna and steaming are quite alike. However, unlike steaming that concentrates only on your face, sauna works on your entire body. Using steam to treat and prevent pimples and zits does aid in improving the condition. If you experience severe inflammation or if your acne takes a turn for the worse, quickly consult your dermatologist.

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