Star Anise – Stellar Swine-Flu Fighter

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Most people who take Tamilfu do not know that when they are given the drug, Tamiflu (oseltamivir) for swine flu, that they are taking a product made from the particularly tasty star anise (Illicium verum) spice.

It is universally used throughout Asia and grown primarily in China, India and the Phillipines. Star anise is used in a wide range of ethnic dishes and is a main component of Chinese recipes five spice powder and Indian cuisine’s garam masala. It has a similar taste to regular anise and is most often substituted for that spice. The star-shaped seed-pods is what gives it both its flavor and provides the shikimic acid -which is the chemical compound used to make Tamiflu.

Shikimic acid does not possess any antiviral properties by itself. However it does have a unique chemical structure that is used as the basic starting point for a very complex multistage process in the production of Tamiflu.

TamifluOseltamivir is the neuraminidase inhibitor that does not directly neutralize swine flu or other influenza viruses. Instead it acts as an inhibitor by blocking a key protein in the replication of viral particles from body cells. Although some virus strains have developed a resistance to this drug it is considered still one of the most effective used to treat the Swine flu.

Tamiflu and Relenza are known today as the two most effective drugs used in the treatment of the Swine flu if it is treated in the early stages. Although there is a short supply of these drugs worldwide, the manufacturers have increased their production capacity to meet the growing worldwide demand.

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