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Finally! Now, everything will be better. At least that is what Rachel Tucker is hoping for. After seven rocky years of marriage to her controlling, mentally abusive husband, Shane, Rachel has hope for a new beginning. That hope comes when Shane lands a new job and the family moves from Seattle to a beautiful, new lake house in a small town in Mississippi. It’s just what Shane has always wanted! He finally has his wife and kids to himself – away from the watchful eyes of protective family and friends. With fantasies of a “new beginning” in her head, Rachel is excited for this new road in life. However, her fantasies are smashed when reality sinks in. New job, new town, new house, new friends, new environment. Same old Shane. With her new friends rallied behind her, Rachel begins to see how frightening, cruel, and selfish Shane truly is. The mental abuse Shane dishes out begins to manifest in physical ways, and Rachel begins to fear for the lives of herself and her children. Hell-bent on breaking away, Rachel finds obscure ways to bank small sums of money in an effort to fund their escape. However, after a freakishly strange series of events leads to Shane Tucker’s “fated” demise, one has to wonder how much of it was truly driven by “fate.” Everything in life is a ripple effect. The question is, what will Rachel do when a new set of Ripples forces her to choose between right and wrong? In this bizarre tale, what is right? And what is wrong? If you were in Rachel’s shoes, what would you do?

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg
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