PLC Systems Section

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PLC systems have the Central Processing Unit (CPU). This section of the brain or heart PLC, because this section is part of the operation / processing program stored in the PLC. Besides, the CPU also controls all the operational work of the PLC, the transfer of information between the PLC through the internal bus, memory and the unit I / O.

Part of this CPU include:
1. Power Supply, power supply, change the input supply electricity into the electricity supply in accordance with the CPU and the entire computer.

2. Alterable Memory composed of many parts, these parts form the core of its contents in place the chip on chip RAM (Random Access Memory), but the contents can be modified and deleted by the user / programmer. If there is no electricity supply to the CPU then the contents will be lost, and therefore this section is called be volatile, but there are also parts which are not volatile.

3. Fixed memory, contains a program that is set by the PLC manufacturer, made in the form of a special chip called a ROM (Read Only Memory), and cannot be modified or removed during the operation, the CPU, so this section is often called non-volatile memory that will not be erased content although there is no electricity coming into the CPU. Moreover, it can also add modules or Electrically Erasable EEPROM Programmable Read Only Memory is intended to back up the main program RAM processor so that the processor can be programmed to load into RAM EEPROM program if the program in RAM is lost or corrupted.

4. Processor, is the part that controls so that information remains the road from one part to another part, this section contains a clock circuit, so that each information transfer to another place in time right up

5. Battery Backup, CPU generally have this section. This section serves to maintain order there is no loss program that has been incorporated into the RAM when the PLC to PLC power supply was suddenly interrupted.

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