What Can Cause Unemployment Benefits to Be Denied?

Unemployment benefits are available for many workers who have been separated from their job or have had their hours cut through no fault of their own. But if you have left your job and file a claim for unemployment insurance, there is a possibility that you will be denied. Here are some of the most common reasons why this may happen.

You Voluntarily Quit Your Job
You could be denied unemployment compensation if you voluntarily quit your job without a compelling reason or good cause. Quitting because of a personal preference is neither a compelling reason nor a good cause.

To be considered good cause, you must have quit out of necessity. Before quitting, you must have made a good faith effort to avoid quitting your job. This means that before quitting, you must have informed your company about the problem and given the company a chance to solve it.

There are some circumstances that qualify as compelling reasons for why you were forced to quit your job:

– Family circumstances that made it impossible for you to work.
– Financial difficulties.
– Unacceptable working conditions.
– You were deceived about the conditions of employment.
– Your employer refused to pay you.
– Offensive conduct by your employer, such as abusive conduct, profanity at work, unfair accusations, or discrimination on the basis of race, sex, or age.
– Unsafe working conditions.
– Transportation problems.
– Leaving for other employment.
– You have good cause to quit your job if the average person, in the same situation, would have quit his or her job.

You Were Fired from Your Job
If you were fired because of willful misconduct or other legitimate reason, you will be denied unemployment insurance benefits. This is something that your employer will have to prove in court if you appeal.

Other Disqualifying Reasons
Your state unemployment office can deny your application or revoke your benefits for various reasons including:

– You are not reporting other income that you are receiving while on unemployment.
– You refused suitable work.
– You are unable or unavailable to work.
– You are incarcerated following a conviction.
– You are participating in a strike.

If Your Employer Disputes Your Claim
When you file a claim for unemployment, the state agency verifies your claim with your previous employer. This is because employers must pay into the unemployment insurance fund. Depending upon many factors, the amount each employer pays can vary considerably. One variation is based on how often an employer lays off employees who then collect benefits. Each employer is assigned an "experience rating," which is a number used to measure how often an employer lays off workers who then file unemployment claims. The more often an employer's ex-workers make claims, the more the employer has to pay into the system. You can easily see that an unscrupulous employer might seek to keep its payments low by disputing the claims made by ex-employees.

It may even happen that after you get laid off, you file your unemployment claim and you start collecting checks. But after several weeks your checks stop coming because your previous employer has disputed your claim!

You Have the Right to Appeal
If you are disqualified and denied benefits, you have the right to file an appeal. The state will advise you of your appeal rights. There is an established time frame within which you need to make your appeal. If your previous employer has filed a dispute, it is up to them to prove that you were terminated for something that was your fault. If, for example, they claim that you were fired for bad behavior, they will need to produce human resources notices, signed by you, that document the alleged infraction. So if you apply for unemployment insurance and are denied, make sure you are given a legitimate reason-or get ready to file an appeal.

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The History of Spain in Gold Coins

Coin collectors are all enamored with the Spanish gold coin pieces that are offered for sale at auctions. These gold coins remind people about the history of Spain and are a great way of tracing a timeline with different coin specimens. For many collectors the gold coins that they purchase most often are the Doubloons.

These coins have a history that stretches back through hundreds of years and there is a special feeling that you are truly connecting with Spain’s past when you are able to hold one of these beautiful coins in your hands. Collectors appreciate the workmanship and design of the piece as well as the amount of gold that each coin contains. One can trace the raised letters on the coin and imagine pirates or kings once tracing those same designs with their own fingers 400 years in the past.

Even during the 15th and 16th centuries, these Spanish gold coins were popular with people in many countries. A Doubloon was considered to be an 8-escudo coin and this held about 27 grams of 22K gold. It was during the latter part of the 18th century that the weight of gold in the Doubloons was reduced to .9 grams. Because the early gold pieces were only used by the wealthiest citizens, they did not tend to see much handling and use. This means that for modern collectors some of these specimens are in mint condition. Many of these early coins command prices well over $1000.

Today coin collectors may have a vast array of different money in their private collection, but there are also some who collect only the choice examples of Spanish gold coins. There are many of these collections that contain one of a kind examples that others would love to have. Spanish coins were once plentiful and even today there are many available to the public, but collectors have to be very careful to make wise purchases.

Anyone who is collecting Spanish gold coins will need to make sure to deal only with trustworthy dealers and individuals. As is the case in many areas of collectibles, there are fakes and stolen coins that find their way into the marketplace. One of the best ways to protect yourself against fraud or unscrupulous practices is to always make sure that you receive an authentic certificate of authenticity. This should be a standard buying practice when dealing with any of the coins, but especially when purchasing salvaged coins that are obtained from shipwrecks.

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Air Asia Airlines – Low Cost Airline

Air Asia, established in 1993, is popularly known as a low cost airline, located in Malaysia. It is a pioneer airline company that earned great reputation for offering wonderful service at much affordable cost and lets you make your holiday at several worlds famous tourist destinations at affordable airfare. It is not only famous in Malaysia for its cheap service, in fact it is rated as an Asia’s largest low-cost air fare.

Sprawled in 25 countries, Air Asia Airline provides its great service for both domestic and international and provides a comfortable journey to the people. Moreover, it operates for 400 destinations throughout the world and provides maximum satisfactions to its customers. The airline has established its hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport as Low-Cost Career Terminal.

Headquartered in Jakarta, the airline was awarded for its wonderful service several times and regarded as the world’s cheapest air cost, $0.035/seat-kilometer and offered even common people to avail the service and make a world trip.

Aside from offering world’s cheapest airfare, it is also recognized as the world’s first airline for implementing the ticket less journey and amazed everyone. The airline was established in 1993, but its operation took place in 1996 and operated by DRB-Hicom. The airline came with its second hub in 2003 at Senai International Airport located in Johor Bahru.

The company started its first service to Bangkok at low airfare. After that it became huge famous company for offering the most affordable journey and also prompted the people to make their way for getting the cheap airline tickets. Later, it added its second destination to Singapore and provided an excellent opportunity for people to gain access their favorite tourist’s destinations in Singapore easily and with low airfare. After that, it offered its affordable service for several other countries that include China, Vietnam, Philippines, and Cambodia.

Today, Air Asia Airlines became a leading airline company in Asia region that provides great pleasure journey with several attractive features. The departure of the flights of Air Asia takes place via Low Cost Carrier Terminal.

Apart from that the company has joint ventured with many other airline companies and introduced several new features with its service. The company has several subsidiaries such as Thai Air Asia, Indonesia AirAsia, AirAsia Philippines, Air Asia X, AirAsia Japan, and Viet AirAsia Jet.

Air Asia Airline has managed to maintain its craze throughout the world and presently it operates more than 142 routes and covers the 78 destinations by providing about more than 400 flights. Moreover, it offers inflight service, popularly known as Snack Attack.

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Government Grants For Farmland Improvement

The government issues certain grants for land categories like historic areas, open spaces, natural areas and farmlands. These grants are meant for their preservation or reform. Agriculture is very deep-rooted in America, but the recent suburban upheaval has cost these lands dearly.

Lands are evaluated according to the quality of the soil and the status of the irrigation. Government funds are distributed to farmers to reform and preserve farmland as well as improve the infrastructure. They allow farmers to farm as they deem fit. The funds are also meant for improvements like irrigation, fencing and manure storage facilities.

Farmers can also develop land reform plans and implement them with the funds received. Some of the funds also have aid programs attached to them, which provide farmers with the kind of facilities and help that are needed to protect their land.

Most states also use the agricultural conservation easement as a common farmland protection method. This permits landowners to put a voluntary restriction on their land, which stops development or limits it to enable the land to preserve its natural resources. There are no minimum or maximum grant award levels for individual grants. Any amount can be available for farmland improvements, policy and planning combined.

Some of these programs include partnership developments with parties that are interested and can bring in enough resources for the implementation of the projects. The grants give more preference to such ventures. Applications for the distribution of funds are based on the amount of matching funds and similar services. It is also important to maintain all records pertaining to the grant until the state makes the final payment. This is required so that all information will be handy when the time comes to determine the total cost. A typical example of a farmland improvement grant is the California Farmland Conservancy program.

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Nexus One Phone Release Date

Alright consumers get ready to buy Google’s nexus One phone. The word is out that you can buy Google phone directly from Google’s store or through a carrier of your choice. Google is in process to add more carriers to provide service on Nexus One phone. Some of the carriers will start giving services by 2010 end. T-Mobile will start selling online services to users right away and Vodafone and Verizon will start giving service by mid 2010. The current <strong>Nexus One phone release </strong>is through Google operated web stores only.

 Google clearly is trying ti beat apple corporation in his core competence. Like Apple beat Sony in MP3 player category same Google is trying to do with Apple. Google is coming out with cool features such as voice enabled keyboard and cool widgets to access YouTube videos. The idea is to provide new experience to users to access web enabled application and give social networking a new meaning.

 The current sales pitch only through Google web stores are to create more hype abut the phone as phones are not available in market. Also it gives added advantage to Google to streamline their production release and same time they can structure their release step by step. Getting in to agreement with different carriers in world and providing services in well released manner.

 It will be interested to see how iPhone consumers will react to new features of Nexus One Phone. Clearly the cool features of Nexus One have created ripples in iPhone community. No body accepted to break current monopoly of iPhone in smart phone so easily. If Google’s nexus One phone lives up to the expectation of smart phone community and there is freedom to choose carriers and economical monthly plan then this is knockout punch to iPhone.

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Reverse Email Lookup – The Easiest Way to Find a Scammer and Finally Have Him Captured

Scammers are everywhere! Some people are lucky if they know how to identify them, but a big regret for others who were once swindled by them or are about to be conned. There are many scammers who do the fraud even in the simplest way. A more sophisticated way of scamming and most prevalent way is through the use of internet.

I know for sure that almost all internet users are aware of the scammers. But, some people may know only a little about it. Best of luck for those people who got the chance to read on this because they will be able to distinguish who really the scammers are.

These scammers are considered "gold diggers" because they try to get a lot of money from others by conning their victims. Their words are full of lies yet people may never know that they are lying.

Therefore, who are the scammers?

1. One example of scamming is when you received an email that you won 1,000,000 US dollars. Of course, maybe for the first time, you will be captivated with this message but in the end you will find out that it is all fraud. If you respond to the email, the scammer will then tell you that you need to give out some amount of money for them to be able to receive it. The first thing that you should think of, is that, no one will ever give you this kind of big money because it is a dumb thing to give away something that is not worth your time and money.

2. Secondly, you may also find scammers who will offer you job but the truth is they just want to get something out of it.

3. Lastly, you can prove how scammers really bad are, through the many online dating websites. Because there are many people who want to meet someone online, these dating sites are getting pervasive so as the growth of con men and women too.

There are some scammers who do the fraudulent activity by attracting the women he dates online, with lots of money he has. He promises many things such as wealthy life and happy family. Well then be careful of these people because what they say is all full of lies. Having informed of some well known types of scammers, you will then be able to do an adequate action on how to finally punish them with what they have done.

One easy way to do it is to do a reverse email lookup on all the email addresses you receive on the inbox or you encounter on dating sites. It is the most hassle-free and cost effective way to find a scammer. You can have all the information you want to gather, such as full name, phone number, exact address and criminal records.

You just need to select the best email lookup provider and then in the search box, type the email address of the suspected scammer and push the "Search" button. After which, you can have vital facts about him / her. You can now have the proof when you told the police about it and surely his / her activities will be brought to an end.

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Reasons Of Low Self Esteem Review – What Are The Reasons For Low Self Esteem?

Self-esteem plays a role in almost everything you do. People with high self-esteem do better in school and find it easier to make friends. Self-esteem is certainly not a static characteristic. Rather, it is extremely dynamic, even changing from day to day during adolescence. Self Esteem can best be compared to a powerful battery. When the battery is fully charged, the individual feels confident and raring to go; when the battery is run down the individual feels lack of confidence in self.

Feelings of inadequacy, self doubt and a reduced confidence in your abilities. In other words failure makes you feel bad, and as you already know, things that make you feel bad can lower your self esteem.

Low self-esteem may be triggered by being treated poorly by someone else recently or in the past, or by a person’s own judgments of him or herself. However, low self-esteem is a constant companion for too many people, especially those who experience depression, anxiety, phobias, psychosis, delusional thinking, or who have an illness or a disability. Feeling good about yourself will enable you to be relaxed, positive and creative and more able to take control of all aspects of your life.

Failures and disappointments can result to low self-esteem. When your goals and objectives are not met, chances are you get frustrated and you become negative about your capabilities. Failure just means you are not successful YET. Everybody fails before succeeding; do not look on it as failure but as a means to learning.

Negative self-esteem can create anxiety, stress, loneliness, depression and problems with relationships seriously impair academic and job performance and also can generate an increased vulnerability to drug and alcohol abuse and dependency. On the other hand, a person with positive self-esteem tends to be more motivated in taking on and creating a life that he loves, living it powerfully and in this process be authentically related to others in his community. Negative beliefs do not stop us from wanting or desiring something. Overcome your negative beliefs by making a list of those items you „actively“ desire and that you still have not been able to create. Negative belief: I am a bad person. You search your past and you find an instance were you helped somebody successfully.

Negative thoughts can permeate your confidence and disintegrate your self esteem. Try to best remedy the problem, if you find yourself surrounded by negative people or in a negative situation.

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Car DVD Player GPS navigation Map : IGO GPS MAP

iGO is a GPS navigation software, familiar to those who use mobile GPS function or Car DVD gps function,it is packaged for PDA/PNA devices, Car DVD player and mobile devices, such as mobile phones, Bluetooth® headsets, smartphones/PDAs and so on. Designed by Hungary-based Nav N Go Kft. Nav N Go iGO is a popular choice for a number of PNA OEM manufacturers. Products based on the company’s navigation software are available worldwide in several leading brands like Clarion, Blaupunkt, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Nextar, Asus, etc.

iGO My way 2006 is a GPS navigation software package for PDA/PNA devices, introduced in year 2005 at CEBIT, Hannover.

Nav N Go iGO 8 is a newer version of the software, released in April 2008. It offers high-definition 3D navigation maps of terrain,  road elevation, landmarks and 3D buildings, using its unique visualization engine.

iGO amigo was launched at CeBIT 2009, Hanover. It is currently available as built-in navigation software of several PND brands, such as Nextar (in the US) and Navon (in Europe).

Naviextras.com, Nav N Go’s map and content update portal, provides updates for iGO My way 8 and iGO amigo based navigation software and releases map updates typically four times a year. Currently maps and updates are available for over 80 countries and regions, including European, North and South American, African, Middle East, Asian and Oceanian countries.

Go!Explore is the PlayStation Portable version of Navigation N Go iGO 8.

iGO My Way 2009 is the latest version of the software; North America, Western Europe and full Europe versions are currently available. It was first released for iPhone 3G, working under iPhone OS The purchase from Apple App Store includes free map updates until the end of 2010. The iPhone software version 1.0.0 is proven to suffer from several bugs, and the company has promised a bug fix and several new features in their first update. The version for Android OS has been released in December 2009, and version for Windows Mobile is currently in also avaiable.

The version for Windows Mobile has great function such as stunning 3D visualization, Lane guidance and realistic signposts, supports precise voice guidance in numerous languages, Optimized in-car use

We have Nav N Go iGO 8 version map, and we provide IGO map to our customers for free, on condition that you buy a car DVD play with GPS navigation. The map is stored in SD card,2 GB, and you can buy the SD card at about 10 USD, and get the map for free.

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Get Free Government Money and Do not Pay it Back

There is currently an abundance of free government money available to a majority of the American population. This is primarily due to lack of general public awareness about free government grant programs that are made available each year to taxpaying citizens.

There is also a concern that many average citizens are not completely aware of the fact that grants are not loans and never require any type of repayment. Far too many people are under the false impression that government grants are loans that are only attainable by those who fall into the lower income brackets and still require payment, just at a reduced interest rate. This is in fact a myth.

While government loans are repayable with extended loan payment terms, and greatly reduced interest rates, government grants are no such thing. They, in fact, are actually cash gifts awarded by United States government to assist American taxpayers in a various number of financial dilemmas and opportunities.

By following the links below you can begin searching the national grant database to find the hundreds of free government grant programs that you may be eligible to qualify for, but in the meantime here are a few of the most commonly known and applied for free government money programs ….

Women's business grants – Women of all ages, professions, cultures, and heritages are quite often awarded large sums of free start up funding to establish new independently and female owned businesses.

Single Parents Grants – These grants can help the single parent in a number of beneficial ways to help ease the burdens of single parenting. There are grants that cover day care and after school programs, tuition and school supply costs, uniforms, sports activities, and much, much more that can benefit a single parented home.

Grants for Real Estate – There are several free grant programs that can greatly help in financing newly purchased properties. Renters can get first time home buyers grants, there are real estate grants for career investors, and different home grants for different home owner's needs. You can often custom design them to suit your specific needs.

Personal Debt Grants – For those who are facing extreme and exorbitant personal debt, debt grants may be obtained to pay of all past due balances on outstanding personal accounts (even credit cards) to achieve a new and improved credit history report.

No matter what your personal financial needs are, it is likely that there is some free unclaimed government money that can be yours in a very short time. Find out today.

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Global Strategy Framework- an Illustration of Tata Steels

Global Strategy Framework- An illustration of Tata Steel.

Introduction: Most managers have to face the increasing globalisation of markets and competition.  That fact requires each company to decide whether it must become a worldwide competitor to survive. While deciding to go for globalization, the managers face two challenges. .  First, they need to figure out what a global strategy is. Then, when they know what to do, they have to get their organisations to make it happen. Developing a global strategy is complicated by the fact that there are at least five major dimensions of globalisation such as playing big in major markets, standardizing the core product, concentrating value- adding activities in a few countries, adopting uniform market positioning and marketing mix and integrating competitive strategy across countries.

Global strategy framework given by George.S. Yip, Pierre .M. Loewe and Michael .Y. Yoshino helps the manager to decide whether it should globalise a particular business and what sort of global strategy should it pursue.  The global strategy framework/audit involves seven steps as shown in chart-1.(shown at the end)

1.      Identify Strategic business unit to audit: This step involves identifying the particular business unit for which the company is planning for globalisation.

2.      Evaluate industry potential for globalisation: Managers should look first to the business’s industry. An industry’s potential for globalisation is driven by market, economic, environmental and competitive factors (see Chart 2 at the end of the paper) Market forces determine the customers‘ receptivity to a global product; economic factors determine whether pursuing a global strategy can provide a cost advantage; environmental factors show whether the necessary supporting infrastructure is there; and competitive factors pro­vide a spur to action.

                                  Market factors like homogeneous market needs, global customers, shortening product life cycle, transferable brands and advertising and internationalising distribution channel determine the potential for global strategy. Factors like economies of scale in manufacturing and distribution, steep learning curve, significant differences in country costs determine the potential for global strategy from economic point of view. Environmental factors like falling transportation costs, govt policies and technology changes push for global strategy in some industries. Competitive interdependence among countries and global moves of competitors also affect the potential of an industry for global strategy.

3.  Evaluate current extent of globalization: The current extent of globalization of SBU under study is evaluated from five dimensions such as market participation, product standardization, activity concentration, marketing uniformity and integration of competitive moves.

                              Playing big in major markets – ­countries that account for a sizeable share of worldwide volume or where changes in technology or consumer tastes are most likely to start – brings benefits such as, larger volume over which to amortise development efforts and investments in fixed assets, ability to manage countries as one portfolio, including being able to exploit differences in position along the product life cycle, learning from each country, and being at the cutting edge of the product category by participating in the one or two major countries that lead development.

                                The core product can be standardized while customizing more superficial aspects of the offering. This will help the firm to enjoy the economies of scale relating to production.

                               Instead of repeating every activity in each country, a pure global strat­egy provides for concentration of activities in just a few countries. For example. fundamental research is conducted in just one country, com­mercial development in two or three countries, manufacturing in a few countries, and core marketing pro­grams developed at regional centres, while selling and customer service take place in every country in the network. The benefits include gaining economies of scale and lever­aging the special skills or strengths of particular countries.

                               The more uniform the market positioning and marketing mix, the more the company can save in the cost of developing marketing strat­egies and programs. Again it is easy to manage one or two brand than having several brand names.

                                 Instead of making competitive de­cisions in a country without regard to what is happening in other coun­tries, a global competitor can take an integrated approach. Another benefit of integrating competitive strategy is the ability of a company to cross-subsidise. This in­volves utilising cash generated in a profitable, high-market-share country to invest aggressively in a strategically important but low-market-share coun­try.

4. Identify strategic need for change in the extent of globalisation:  From the previous analysis, a firm’s extent of globalisation is compared with the industry potential. In case the firm’s extent of globalisation is less than industry potential, there is a need for global strategy for that firm. Then the next issue would be to check whether the firm has the internal ability to implement such global strategy.

5. Evaluate organisational factors:  Organisational factors can support or undercut a business’s attempt to globalise. Therefore, taking a close look at how the organisation will affect the relative difficulty of globalisation is essential. Four factors affect the ability of an organisation to develop and implement global strategy: organisation structure, man­agement processes, people and cul­ture (see chart 3 at the end of this paper)


 a) Organisational structure:

·          Centralisation of global authority: One of the most effective ways to develop and implement a global strategy is to centralise authority, so all units of the business around the world report to a common sector head. In a company pursuing a global strategy, the business focus should dominate the coun­try focus.

·         Domestic/ International split: A common structural barrier to global strategy is an organisational split between domestic and international divisions. The international division oversees a group of highly autonomous country subsidiaries, each of which manages several distinct businesses. A global strategy for any one of these businesses can then be coordinated only at the CEO level.

         b) Management processes: The appro­priate processes can even substitute to some        extent for the appropriate structure..

·         Cross Country coordination: Pro­viding cross-country co-ordination is a       common way to make up for the lack of a direct report­ing structure.

·         Global Planning: Too often stra­tegic plans are developed sep­arately for each country and are not aggregated globally for each business across all coun­tries. This makes it difficult to understand the business’s com­petitive position worldwide and to develop an integrated strategy against competitors who plan on a global basis.

·         Global budgeting:  Similarly, coun­try budgets need to be consol­idated into a global total for each product line to aid the allocation of resources across product lines.

·         Global performance review and compensation: Rewards, especially bonuses, need to be set in a way that reinforces the com­pany’s global objectives.

·         International groups and forums: Holding international forums al­lows exchange of information and building of relationships across countries. This in turn makes it easier for country na­tionals to gain an understanding of whether the differences they perceive between their home country and others are real or imagined. It also facilitates the development of common products and the co-ordination of marketing approaches.

  c) People: Being truly global also involves using people in a different way from that of a multinational firm.

·         Use foreign nationals: High-po­tential foreign nationals need to gain experience not only in their home country, but also at head­quarters and in other countries. This practice has three benefits: broadening the pool of talent available for executive positions; demonstrating the commitment of top management to internationalisation; and giving talented individuals an irreplaceable de­velopment opportunity.

·         State global intentions: The se­nior management of a company that wants to go global needs to constantly restate that inten­tion and to act accordingly.

     d) Culture: Culture is the most visible aspect of organisation. If the company lacks global identity and has strong national identity, then it will face difficulty in designing global products and programmes.  A high level of autonomy for local business can also be a barrier to globalisation.

6.  Identify organisational ability to implement globalisation:  From the internal or organisational factor analysis, the firms ability to implement global strategy has to be identified.

7. Diagnose scope and direction of required strategy and organisational changes:  From the above analysis, it will be clear whether the firm can implement global strategy or not? What are the changes required in the organisation to implement global strategy?


 Illustration of Tata steels global strategy with the use of global strategy framework:

1. Identify business unit: Amongst the various SBU of Tata groups, I have selected Tata steel company (with special reference to their take over of Corus) as the SBU for the study of global strategy framework.

2. Evaluate Industry potential for globalization:  Market factors pushed for globalization. The market needs for steel was homogeneous and they had global customers. Because of homogeneity of needs, the brands and advertising were transferable.                                                                                                                                                                         

                             Economic factors were also favourable for globalization. Because of standardization of core products, the company was able to enjoy economies of scale in manufacturing. Since the company is ninety nine years old, they also enjoy the benefit of steep learning curve. Again, the raw material cost in U.K. is high. This can be offset by sourcing from India, where raw materials are comparatively cheaper.

                              Environmental factors increased the potential for global strategy. Since Corus had good sales network at various countries, the transportation costs of Tata steel will be reduced. Again, government policies like easing foreign currency restrictions both in UK and India were favourable for global strategy.

                                   Global moves of competitor i.e. Mittal acquiring Arcelor also forced the Tata steel to go for global strategy.

3. Evaluate current extent of globalization: The current extent of globalization is measured under 5 dimensions.

·    Market participation: Tata steel has sales in various countries like USA, Srilanka, Nepal, Shanghai etc but it lacked global identity or image.

·    Product standardization: The basic product was standardized throughout the world. At final stages the product was customized as per the requirements.

·    Activity concentration: Tata steels technological and integration, finance, strategy etc were concentrated only in India whereas the manufacturing activities were dispersed in India, USA, UK, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia etc. Trading was done in Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, South Africa, Hong Kong, etc.

·    Marketing uniformity: The market positioning and marketing mix strategy were uniform throughout the world.

·    Integration of competitive moves: Tata steel has taken an integrated approach to global competitors. They have tough competition with Mittal steels in almost all countries.

3. Identify strategic need for change in the extent of globalization: From the previous analysis, Tata steel concluded that its extent of globalization was significantly lower than the industry potential and lower than its competitor’s global strategy. The Mittal Arcelor is ranked number one in steel industry in the world whereas the Tata steel ranked fifty sixth (before acquiring Corus). Furthermore, the industry potential for Tata steel had a strong need to develop a more global strategy. The next issue was whether Tata steel would be able to implement such a strategy.

5. Evaluate organisational / internal factors: To internal ability of Tata steel to implement global strategy is tested under the following factors:

·    Structure: The head quarter of Tata steel was located in India. The five main functions such as technological and integration, finance, strategy, corporate relation and communication and global minerals were centralized. While the production, selling and distribution was decentralized and the divisions heads were given autonomy to take decisions.

·    Management processes: The management processes were favourable for global strategy. Since the strategy and corporate communication was centralized, there was well cross- border co-ordination.

·    People: There were no foreign nationals working in India either at corporate or divisional levels. There were many foreign nationals overseas, but these were mostly in their home countries and there was little movement between international and domestic jobs. But the leader Ratan Tata, through his action and statements had a global approach.

·    Culture: Tata steel had a strong Indian national identity than a global identity. But some SBU of Tata group like Tetley Tea, Taj group of Hotels had created global identity.

6. Identify organizational ability to implement globalization: Tata steel had the ability to implement globalization because of its rich experience of 99 years of running a business successfully in India. Hence it had the ability to acquire big steel company like Corus.

7. Diagnose scope and direction of required changes: The most important change, the Tata steel has to do is to encourage the transfer of people between nations. According to IISI data, the average hourly rate of pay in UK steel was 6 times that of Brazil and 10 times that of India. So by movement of people, the company can reduce the cost and strengthen its competitive advantage of low cost leadership.

                                Tata groups in foreign countries should blend into the adopted corporate culture. For better brand visibility, more Tata companies will have to go abroad and learn to flourish abroad.

Conclusion:  The global strategy framework provides a relatively simple and quick way to get answers to some of the most complicated questions facing corporate management today. It also greatly facilitates the undertaking of the strategy development phase that follows, because it has identified the major thrusts that are needed. Furthermore, it has the potential for avoiding major errors such as a move towards globalization when none is warranted. Finally it sensitizes the organization to the issues and to the commitments needed if it really decides to compete globally.



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Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by Shilpa Kamath