Continue: A Biblical Journey in Personal Discipleship

Continue: A Biblical Journey in Personal Discipleship

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Featuring fourteen lessons that cover key Bible doctrines and personal applications, Continue is perfect for helping a new Christian become grounded in God’s Word and develop a growing walk with Christ. Each lesson includes a straightforward outline with thorough support Scriptures and is written so anyone can easily teach. Additionally, each week includes daily devotions to encourage the new Christian to develop the habit of getting into God’s Word.

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Divorce Mediation In South Africa

Divorce Mediation in South Africa

1          Introduction

A number of recent court cases dealt with the importance of mediation in family law matters. The most recent judgement dealing with the aspect of divorce mediation was the judgement in Brownlee v Brownlee in the South Gauteng High Court, by Acting Judge Brassey that focussed on the duty of parties to a dispute to attempt to mediate the dispute and the obligation of the opposing attorneys to encourage mediation with their clients, before litigation commences. The judgment emphasised the virtues of mediation and also capped the fees of the attorneys on both sides because they had failed to advise their clients to go to mediation at an early stage. Normally an unsuccessful litigant pays the costs of the successful one. Judge Brassey expressed his disapproval of the parties‘ conduct and made each party bear their own costs. In Van den Berg v Le Roux, Judge Kgomo ordered the parties to privately mediate all future disputes with regard to their 10-year-old daughter and ordered that only subsequent to the conclusion of the mediation process could either party approach a competent court which has jurisdiction to decide the dispute. In Townsend-Turner and another v Morrow the full bench of the Cape Provincial Division of the High Court made a similar decision when confronted with an access dispute between the father of a 7-year-old boy and the boy’s maternal grandmother. The parties were ordered to attend mediation offered by private mediators of their own choice or those proposed by the office of the family advocate in an effort to resolve the issues of conflict between them including, of course, the issue of access. The court ordered that the mediation had to commence within two weeks of the granting of the order that it should continue for a period of at least three months or for the duration of at least four mediation sessions. The parties were also ordered to share equally the costs of the mediation.

2          Divorce mediation structures in South Africa

Despite the fact that much has been written about divorce mediation and some media hype about it in the past two decades, little mediation still takes place in divorce matters in South Africa. One of the major obstacles is the cost factor and only a handful of the more prosperous section of the South African society can afford to make use of mediation services. Getting divorced by means of Divorce Mediation commonly costs around R 12,500-00 in total. Although the costs can be shared between the parties it is still expensive in comparison to an uncontested divorce where the parties amongst themselves can agree on a division of assets, maintenance, visitation and access and the kids and using a service like, will still be more cost effective.

There appear to be a couple of private mediators, who are generally affiliated to mediation organisations such as SAAM (The South African Association of Mediators in Divorce and Family Matters), FAMAC (The Family Mediators Association of the Cape), ADRASA (The Alternative Dispute Resolution Association of South Africa) and), it appears that these private mediation services are totally under-utilised. Besides the private services mentioned above, divorce and family mediation is also being offered by various non-governmental and community-based organisations such as Family Life and FAMSA (The Family and Marriage Society of South Africa).

In light of the decisions in Brownlee v Brownlee and Van den Berg v Le Roux regarding mandatory private mediation, it is very clear that divorce mediation, on private level, will soon start to play a more prominent role in South Africa. Mediation in the context explained here should, however, not be confused with the services offered by the office of the family advocate in terms of the Mediation in Certain Divorce Matters Act 24 of 1987 (MCDM). The purpose of the MCDM Act is to evaluate the parties and the circumstances of a case in order to furnish the court with a report and recommendation on matters concerning the welfare of any minor children, the activities of family advocates and family counsellors should not be regarded as mediation (even though they sometimes indeed try to mediate disputes between divorcing parties).

3          Important aspects of divorce and/or family mediation

It is impossible to give a general definition of mediation in the family law environment.

The following elements can, however, be regarded as some of the most important features of divorce and/or family mediation:

  • An impartial and neutral third party facilitates the negotiation process in which the parties themselves make their own decisions.
  • The mediation operates under the auspices of the law.
  • The mediation process is confidential.
  • The aim of the mediation process is to assist parties to reach a mutually satisfying agreement which recognises the needs and rights of all family members.
  • The mediation process is flexible and creative and can be adapted according to the context of the dispute and the needs of the parties.

4          Advantages of divorce and/or family mediation

Divorce and/or family mediation has numerous advantages for divorcing couples, children affected by divorce and the judicial system in general:

4.1 It is a much less stressful and emotional experience than the traditional divorce process.

Working together with a skilled mediator in a negotiation process results in much less animosity and ill will than the protracted confrontation that often occurs between adversarial lawyers and their clients. The shortened time duration of the process, as well as the considerably lower cost of mediation, also contributes to a lower level of emotional stress.

4.2 Divorce mediation is much less expensive and faster than the traditional divorce process.

The divorcing couple pays one mediator instead of two attorneys. Also, having both parties together during mediation sessions dramatically shortens the process and the billable time of the mediator. The cost of divorce mediation is on average 50% lower than the cost of traditional divorce litigation.

4.3 Divorce mediation is better for the children.

The divorcing parents remain in charge of their children’s interests and needs, and are able to construct a cooperative parenting plan without turning the children’s futures over to judges and lawyers.

4.4 Divorce mediation results in a lower rate of re-litigation.

Mediated settlements are more comprehensive and cooperative in nature, producing a much higher rate of compliance by both parties, and a lower rate of expensive re-litigation. After all, the goal in mediation is to help the spouses come to an agreement that is suitable for their needs and lives.

4.5 Divorce mediation teaches parties how to deal with conflict in a non-aggressive way and gives them the opportunity to express their feelings of bitterness, disappointment and anger.

It allows parties to deal with those matters they feel are important, but which the law may consider frivolous or unenforceable. Therefore, unlike in litigation, the mediation process is not restricted solely to legal issues, and allows parties to deal with all facets of divorce.

4.6 Divorce mediation can be cost effective

Although mediation may be more expensive than an uncontested divorce, it is definitely much cheaper than contested divorce litigation. In South Africa, the going rate for a mediation session is anything between R500 and R2 000, depending on who the mediator is. The mediation process usually runs for a period of four to six sessions. Six sessions of mediation may therefore cost parties up to R12 000. In comparison, a very straightforward, unopposed divorce costs about R4 500 today and the costs of an opposed divorce may run into the hundreds of thousands of rands. Mediation can save divorcing parties a considerable amount of money, but can also be more expensive than an uncontested divorce, where the parties agree amongst themselves on the divorce process.

4.7       Advantages for children affected by divorce

The stress and animosity often generated during litigation can be emotionally damaging not only for the couple, but for the children as well.  Mediation is a more empowering choice for children because:

  • Separating parents maintain control of their children’s needs, and can develop a comprehensive parenting plan.
  • Mediation is more private than a traditional divorce.

Mediation enables those who know the children best, namely the parents, and not a third party or institution, to make decisions about their welfare. Section 28(2) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa places an obligation on, amongst others, on the mediator to see to it that divorcing parties put the interests of their children first in all negotiations between them. The chances of the interests of children being protected in the mediation process are therefore excellent. Research has shown that upon divorce, mediated settlement agreements provide far more advantageous provisions regarding the interests of children than agreements or orders made in terms of the adversarial system.

Mediation emphasises, that parenthood is not terminated on divorce, but that both parents retain their roles and responsibilities in a restructured family. In mediated divorce matters there are thus a greater chance of the non-custodial parent remaining involved in his or her children’s upbringing. The involvement of both parents creates a positive atmosphere for children and helps them to adapt to their new circumstances upon the divorce of their parents.

5          The disadvantages of divorce and family mediation

Divorce mediation is obviously not without problems. For instance, because a divorce mediator is seen as a neutral third party, he obviously is in no position to advise a party personally.

The most important criticisms of divorce mediation are:

5.1       The shortcomings of the mediator

Mediators themselves can have a negative impact on the mediation process, especially where they don’t have a legal background and the disputes at large include both child and legal matters. This creates issues where two mediators need to mediate a dispute, which have a bearing on the costs. Thus, if individuals are interested only in mediating a custody or visitation problem, they might select a mediator who is skilled as a psychologist or social worker. If parties have a problem resolving spousal maintenance or child support, they might select a mediator who has experience as an attorney, accountant or financial planner. Finding a mediator with all the necessary skills can be difficult. A mediator’s professional training may further influence his or her neutrality or impartiality. Since mediators from different professional backgrounds are presently involved in mediation, this necessarily gives rise to the following problems for example mediators who are trained in the behavioural or social sciences tend to play a more active role in facilitating the parties‘ agreements on the best interests of the children, but what about the law?

5.2       Divorce mediation is inappropriate where parties do not have equal bargaining power

According to critics, divorce mediation only reinforces the unequal bargaining power that may exist between divorcing parties. They hold that, in the mediation process, the stronger party may dominate and intimidate the weaker party thereby forcing the weaker party to agree to provisions which will benefit the stronger party at the weaker party’s expense. According to Winks „Divorce mediation: a non-adversary procedure for the no-fault divorce“, feminists feel strongly that women, in particular, are prejudiced by the mediation process, since socially and financially women are generally in a subordinate position to their husbands, a fact which they feel mediators do not take into account.

5.2       Divorce mediation is inappropriate in cases of family violence

Divorce mediation is totally inappropriate in cases of family violence. Women, who are usually the victims of this violence, has a physiological disadvantage and powerless against a husband in the mediation process and will be unable to negotiate fair settlement agreements for themselves. Abusers may also avoid criminal-law sanctions for their actions if their divorce is not dealt with by the courts, but settled privately in the mediation process where all disclosures of the parties are confidential.

5.3 Mediators cannot always be impartial and neutral

Mediators cannot always be impartial and neutral, and every mediator has his or her own perceptions of what is fair and right, linked to his or her cultural background, education and training. A mediator’s cultural background may give rise to problems if it is not the same as that of the parties in the mediation process.  Where mediators are for instance part of a dominant cultural group they may try to impose their values and principles on the parties.

5.4 Mediation does not offer the same safeguards as litigation

A fear is often raised that mediation, as an informal process, does not offer the parties and their children the same safeguards as the adversarial system of litigation. In mediation, no formal legal process is in place to ensure the parties‘ procedural rights, such as the disclosure of all relevant documentation and the testing of evidence for accuracy. Another concern is that the parties have less access to attorneys and advocates in the mediation process and are therefore denied the protection of legal representation. Critics worry that mediation does not offer the parties and their children the same just and fair results as traditional litigation in the courts does.


Mediation is an important tool for dealing with divorce and family disputes. However, having said that, there are instances where divorce mediation will simply burden the parties with extra bills and costs, especially in the uncontested divorce sphere and it might still be cheaper in circumstances to use an online do-it-yourself divorce service, after all, the best way still would be if the spouses can settle their issues between themselves. In contested matters however, mediation might be more convenient and less emotionally draining and the answer and will in fact be cheaper than litigation.

Compiled by eDivorce, South Africa’s fastest and most cost effective online divorce service

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Coin Collection – Repaired coins and Recolored coins

Repaired coins

A good coin doctor can repair just about anything. Ron once saw a very valuable coin that had broken into two pieces, rendering it almost worthless. The two pieces were soldered together and the surface details reengraved with incredible skill. Had he not known what was done, he doubts whether he ever would have detected the repair work. We’ve seen holes filled, surfaces smoothed, scratches removed, rim dents hammered out, and details reworked.

Coin repairs that require the addition, removal, or movement of metal from one area to another are criminal fraud. In many cases, a coin must be softened by heat to make the repair work easier. Destroying the natural luster and appearance of the surfaces of a coin is very easy. Because most coin repairs are localized, coin doctors try to cover up their work by cleaning and recoloring the entire coin. We’ve even seen repaired coins that were distressed to create natural-looking marks and nicks.

Be smart. Stay away from cleaned and recolored coins — they may be hiding a host of problems.

Recolored coins

Recolored coins come in two categories:

  • Coins that have been stripped of color and retoned
  • Coins that were original but have had color added to make them more attractive

The difference between the two categories is subtle but important. Stripping destroys the natural quality of a coin’s surface, whereas the color on an artificially toned coin can usually be taken off and the coin underneath will still have original-looking surfaces.

Recoloring is most obvious on copper coins, where the original color has been dipped or stripped away, leaving a bright, unnatural orange-red color. Copper coins are usually stripped because their color is ugly to begin with or because of corrosion spots on the surfaces. About Uncirculated coins are often stripped to make them look like full red Uncirculated examples. Given time, this bright, unnatural color will tone down to a more pleasant brown color; such a process takes many, many years, and if you follow our recommendations for properly storing your coins, it may take forever. As a result, coin doctors speed up the process by applying a salve of pure sulfur powder mixed in petroleum jelly to the surfaces of the coin until the desired brown color is achieved. As you may suspect, a lot of chemical activity takes place on the surfaces of a recolored coin. And chemical activity on a coin is always bad.

Under the right circumstances, a silver coin acquires the most incredible rainbow of iridescent colors. You’ll see mouthwatering descriptions of these coins in auction catalogs and sales brochures (we’ve used ‚em ourselves) — crystalline, sea-green hues, pearlescent luster, pale shades of lilac and gold, killer toning, and so on. A coin with the right color can fetch a huge premium over an untoned version of the same coin; so there is considerable profit awaiting the coin doctor who can duplicate such a color. However, as hard as they try, no one that we know about has ever been able to duplicate killer toning on a coin. Usually, the results will fool new collectors and sometimes even those who have been around coins for a very long time.

Differentiating between real and artificial toning is difficult and requires the examination of lots and lots of coins and years of experience. However, in the meantime, protect yourself either by staying away from toned coins entirely or by purchasing only coins that have been encapsulated by reputable grading services (who can discover and reject fake toning).

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Source by Patterns

Support Your Local Sheriff

Support Your Local Sheriff

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Mastered in HD! Armed with a wry sense of humor and a straight-shooting sidearm, James Garner (Duel at Diablo) fights for peace, justice and fun in this outrageous, irreverent and very funny farce co-starring Joan Hackett (Will Penny), Walter Brennan (Rio Bravo), Harry Morgan (TV s M*A*S*H and Dragnet), Bruce Dern (Coming Home) and Jack Elam (Rio Lobo). Support Your Local Sheriff is sheer entertainment from start to finish – on his way to Australia, frontier opportunist Jason McCullough (Garner) stumbles into a small gold-rush town and decides to earn a little extra pocket money by accepting a temporary assignment as their sheriff. Happily applying himself to his new position, McCullough manages to turn the town derelict (Elam) into his deputy, outsmart the dreaded Danby clan (led by Brennan), and fend off the lusty advances of the mayor’s daughter (Hackett) – all without breaking a sweat or dirtying his shiny black boots! Directed by western legend Burt Kennedy (Young Billy Young).
Special Features: Trailers for Duel At Diablo, Young Billy Young and Support Your Local Gunfighter, Support Your Local SheriffWESTERNS
Run Time: 93
Release Date: 2015/09/29

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Pecans: The Awesome Taste That a Pecan Nut Offers

Nuts are in the main easy for your health, especially pecans. Not only is this food generator tasty, it comes with several wellness Does. Unanimous to a lot of wellness sections, it is better to feed nuts, such as pecans, in place to meet with the daily nutrient recommendation for healthy food uptake. It is versatile to include this nut assortment in your daily meals. You can make it your favorite pecan recipe. Or else, you can exhaust it with other nut forms. There are variant stores that mix nut sorts unneurotic with raisins and other sound snacks. This is a good food source, which you can eat in between meals since it does not bear many small calories.

Pecans Lighter Clear Blood Force

In large, nuts cannot help in lowering Down high blood Pressure. But this does not enforce to pecans. This is because this nut diversity, along with a few other mixtures, forms a vital part of an Eating plan that is aimed to treat or Preclude hypertension. This Occupying plan is improved by the National Institutes of wellness. Pecans are capable of reducing blood Force. They supply your dietary program with outstanding nutrients, which are incumbent to keep you significant and strong. What is more, these foods are also capable of superior hypertension and the achievable risk of stroke or heart attack. You do not have to force yourself to consume pecan nuts because these have a robust taste.

Pecan Nuts for a Firmer Heart

It is a fact that your heart will likely develop conditions and, possibly, will succumb into cardiac arrest if you do not take superb care of it. Depleting foods that are heavy in cholesterol owes to an unhealthy heart. If you want to maintain your heart’s superb health, eat pecans. You will be able to ensure your health by Taking pecan nuts. This is because this nut variety is comprised of a compound that has the capacitance to decrease beta-sitosterol and cholesterol stages.

Forbid Breast Cancer with Pecans

Although studies regarding the health Gains of pecans to breast cancer are still in their premature stages, initial findings discovered vital elements within the pecan nut that are said to Prevent breast cancer. Pecans are high in oleic acids. According to laboratory tests, oleic acid is capable of suppressing the abnormal activities of gene cells that are responsible for triggering breast cancer incidences. If you have relatives or a member from your family line diagnosed with cancer, you can fall the risk of the cancer’s onset by Eating pecans.

wellness Experts Advise Pecan Consumption

A lot of wellness experts and nutritionists commend an sole to eat pecans and other nut changes. Nuts are galore in protein, which make them versatile choices over meat wares. Aside from protein, pecans are comprised of fats, which are wanting from cholesterol. It is estimated that 10 halves of pecan nuts is coordinate to 1 oz of meat. With pecans, you will not have to go through the plaguing process of preparing your food. All you have to do is pop open a can of pecans and take to your heart’s content.

You can find individual product forms of pecan nuts. Online shops and manufacturing businesses such as Tanner’s Pecans and Candies allow wide selections of candied, roasted, or pecan recipes.

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Source by Jenn Jamie

Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes

Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes

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With Knock Knock’s portable, communicatory Nifty Notes, you can pass judgment and spit wit on paper. Our many style choices enable you to predict the future, critique friends‘ online communication styles, and handily pass along feedback to anyone (or everyone) who has it coming. You’re sure to make your point (one sheet at a time!). Specs: 4 x 5.25 inches, 50 sheets.

We are Knock Knock, independent makers of clever gifts, books, and whatever else we can think up. We bring humor, creativity, and smarts to everyday life. Get to know us and see our stuff at
Harness the power of the checkbox for effective communication
WTF Notes put the words you want right at your fingertips
Find the joy in bitterness and befuddlement
Pad is 4 x 5.25 inches and has 50 sheets
Nifty Notes are an excellent source of irony
Knock Knock is an independent maker of clever gifts, books, and whatever else we can think up; our mission is to bring humor, creativity, and smarts to everyday life

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Information About Nexus One Battery

The nexus one is a smartphone from google which uses the Android open source mobile operating system. The nexus one is well known for its unique features and especially its long lasting batteries in the market. Today the market of nexus one battery has enhanced in recent years in the world. Consumers must aware of the consumption of nexus one battery before heading for purchasing. Now users of nexus one battery is planning to have second battery in order to get throughout the busy day. This is happening as nexus one smartphone is such a smartphone that users requiring the usage of second nexus one battery from the market.

After the consumption of google smartphone users come to know the handset’s battery life. Presently buyers are delivering good remarks about nexus one battery life inthe market. Actually nexus one battery is famous for its deliverance longer life of the battery. Today the consumption of nexus one battery has increased highly among users of the world. Consumers must check out all the possibilities associated with nexus one battery. There are various forms of nexus one battery like the Innocell 2800mAh Extended Life Battery. These varied forms of nexus one battery are delivering double battery performances than others.

Consumers should understand the concept of having a good battery life. It they are more users of smartphones accordingly the nexus one battery life will exists. Means it depends on the user how he uses the smartphone as the life of the nexus one battery depends on the usages. Most of the users are higher consumers of gps, bluetooth, watch loads of videos, and listening music all the time and in that case the nexus one battery will fastly consumed or drained. To such users google is providing certain basic tips about how to optimise the nexus one battery life. Actually consumption of nexus one battery or any type of battery depends on the user or one can say its a common sense stuff.The nexus one is a smartphone from google which uses the Android open source mobile operating system. The nexus one is well known for its unique features and especially its long lasting batteries in the market. Today the market of nexus one battery has enhanced in recent years in the world. Consumers must aware of the consumption of nexus one battery before heading for purchasing. Now users of nexus one battery is planning to have second battery in order to get throughout the busy day. This is happening as nexus one smartphone is such a smartphone that users requiring the usage of second nexus one battery from the market.

Presently buyers are delivering good remarks about nexus one battery life inthe market. Actually nexus one battery is famous for its deliverance longer life of the battery. Today the consumption of nexus one battery has increased highly among users of the world. Consumers must check out all the possibilities associated with nexus one battery. There are various forms of nexus one battery like the Innocell 2800mAh Extended Life Battery. These varied forms of nexus one battery are delivering double battery performances than others.The nexus one is a smartphone from google which uses the Android open source mobile operating system. The nexus one is well known for its unique features and especially its long lasting batteries in the market. Today the market of nexus one battery has enhanced in recent years in the world. Consumers must aware of the consumption of nexus one battery before heading for purchasing. Now users of nexus one battery is planning to have second battery in order to get throughout the busy day. This is happening as nexus one smartphone is such a smartphone that users requiring the usage of second nexus one battery from the market.

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Does Steaming Your Face Actually Help Acne?

If you are like me, you are willing do to almost anything to get rid of the acne that invades your face. If you are looking for a treatment that may help clear your acne, you should try using steam against your face. Believe it or not, steam actually works, and it works well!

Steam Opens Your Pores

A steam facial can help open up your pores. Heat makes pores open, while cold makes them contract. The steam will open up the pores, allowing the moisture to soak in and help clean the pores as well. Also, your sweat acts as a cleaning agent (as it contains sodium, which helps to fight bacteria). Each steam treatment helps fight that stubborn acne that you have been longing to get rid of!

How Often Should I Use Steam?

You should use a stream facial about two to three times a week to gain the maximum benefits from it. Also, you should wash your face before and after the steam facial. Washing before will help remove any dirt and oil, while washing afterwards will help the medicine in your face wash to sink deep into your pores, giving you the maximum cleaning power.

Can Steam Eventually Dry Out My Face?

If you are doing steam facials more than the two to three times a week that is suggested, your face can actually dry out, which causes more oil to build up. More oil buildup leads to more clogged pores. There is a such thing as too much of a good thing. Don’t overdo it.

Steam can be a powerful acne cleanser. When combined with washes and acne medication, you can be one step closer to leading an acne free lifestyle!

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Source by Bryan Hufford



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If you’re looking for a „cards and candy“ romance, you won’t find it here… Georgia Sayers has always been shy and quiet. She has always lived her life by other people’s rules, especially her best friend and fiancé. They were the most important people in her life. She trusted and loved them. But the night before her wedding, her life came crumbling around her. She stumbled on a betrayal that shook her to her core and changed her completely. No longer will she live her life by other people’s standards. It was her turn to make up her own rules. Love wasn’t something she wanted anymore. She wanted to find someone to feed her deepest desires and the moment her eyes fell on him, she knew he was the one… Drake Lincoln is as bad as they come. He makes no apologies for who and what he is. He says what he wants, he does what he wants, whenever and wherever he wants. He doesn’t play by any rules but his own. Trust and Loyalty are the codes he lives by. If you cross him, he will bury you without hesitation. He is heartless, he is dangerous, and he is as cold as Ice. He’s not capable of giving any woman the desires of her heart… until his eyes take in a woman that becomes his soul.  Drake has never met a woman like Georgia, and he can’t seem to stay away from her. He’d do anything for her. He’d kill for her. He’d die for her. She is who and what he wants and desires, and he can’t be without her. However, Georgia and Drake both have pasts that can destroy them. Can they overcome the many obstacles in their lives and learn to love and trust each other, or will their life struggles keep them apart?

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Sat Nav Reviews – Does Your Spankin‘ New GPS Really Suck?

Copyright (c) 2008 Tony Elliot

You’ve done all the right things. But it’s only after the money’s been hoovered off your plastic that you discover you are the proud owner of a suckless wonder. Bet it didn’t even get a mention in that car navigation review you read, did it?

I suspect it goes largely unnoticed because reviewers in the course of testing spend only a few hours with a unit unlike buyers who – once they’ve handed over their cash – are stuck with their purchase for a few years at least.

Let me set the scene.

You’re driving along minding your own business when, for reasons best known to itself your navigator, without warning, suddenly parts company with your windscreen.

By the time you look down your costly gizmo is either nestling in the comfort of your lap from where it continues to issue its instructions or it’s trying to do so from the dark depths of your foot-well.

If it wasn’t the first time it probably came as no surprise. So more than likely you spent the preceding 20 minutes or so getting wound up and distracted waiting for the dreaded moment when you’re going to have to pull over and sort the thing out yet again.

It’s the budget navs we’re pointing the finger at for the most part but even at the top end problems can surface.

It almost goes without saying that navs at the low end are built to a price and aimed specifically at punters with limited funds. That’s fair enough. Not everybody can afford or even want a no expense spared top of the heap GPS after all.

The thing is, budget models are an exercise in cost cutting and compromise, meaning your unit will come with the basics but of course, don’t expect to find too many of the more desirable features and options you’d get at the top end included.

But despite the need to keep costs down, you wouldn’t think that manufacturers would compromise on an absolute bare-bones necessity like providing a suction cup that really sucks up, would you?

Well, it appears that some do just that. The result? While some cheap sat navs really sucks others don’t suck hard enough.

If you’ve hit the car navigation GPS review search button on endless occasions, read your share of sat nav reviews and eventually picked out a GPS that was pretty good all round but refuses to suck up, what do you do?

First off get practical, make sure it’s not your windscreen. Try again after giving the area you intend your nav to live in a good clean.

If that doesn’t work use a little water to dampen the suction cup and give it another go.

If it sticks like super glue all well and good, if not my advice is to do your blood pressure a favour and apply the ultimate cure – shove the thing back in its box and return to sender forthwith.

Now save a few more pennies, hit the car navigation GPS review search button again and go for something that’s a little further up the sat nav food chain and less of a compromise in build quality.

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Source by Tony Elliot