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Convert OST to PST – Microsoft Exchange Server, beside with Microsoft Outlook, provides you the revenue of mutual message environment. This combination of mail server and email client offers excellent speed, most excellent ease of use and improved consistency. In this environment, a detach mailbox is created for every use and its accurate copy is saved on the client hard drive locally in the form of Offline Storage file. After username and password verification, Offline storage file gets converted into Personal storage table and gets synchronized with user mailbox on Exchange Server. But in some cases, like Exchange Server collapse and user mailbox deletion, the OST file can not be converted into Personal storage table and in consequence it can not be synchronized with Exchange Server. In such cases, you need to manually Convert OST to PST to gain access of your data.

The mutual messaging background provides improved functions for a number of users in an association. These functions include joint mailboxes, common calendars, Exchange public folders, meeting time allocation and Share Point lists. Three main data storage files are used in this environment- EDB (Exchange Server database file), (Offline Storage file) and (Personal Storage file).

The Personal storage table file is used with the single user profile. It could be designated as delivery point for the incoming mails. The OST file works as a mirror of data folders and functions in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server. The coordination process between PST and Exchange Server copy the relevant changes in every folder. But in some situations, when Exchange Server goes down or the user profile gets damaged, the data can not be accessed from the Offline storage file. At this point, OST Repair Tool comes into insist.

In such cases, you are required to restructure the user profile on Exchange server than needs the data file in PST format. This is potential through Convert and then accessing the data with MS Outlook.

This software is very easy to use and does not demand sound technical skills to convert. With read only and non destructive design, this software are completely safe to use and always provides original results.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Desktop is the most powerful tool to convert all your unusable OST to PST. This software supports Outlook 2003, 2002, 2000, 98 and 97. This software is compatible with Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT4 (SP6), ME and 98SE.

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