Multi Vitamin Mega-100 Slow Release Supplements for Optimal Vitamin Levels All Day Long

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Though vitamin C has umpteen health benefits on the body, it has a short biological half life. Vitamin C tends to decay fast and more interestingly 75% of the absorbed vitamin gets excreted within 24 hours of intake. This is because the body doesn’t have an effective mechanism for vitamin C storage. Most vitamins are neither produced nor kept in reserve by the body for later use. So, a continuous supplementation of vitamins is always important to keep you going all day. Therefore, it is ideal to go for slow release vitamins for a constant supply of this essential nutrient.

The timely release of slow release vitamins is possible because they get dissolved slowly unlike normal ones. These slow release supplements are believed to take long time to enter the blood stream and consequently remain in the bloodstream for extended hours to benefit the body. Another plus of these slow release vitamins is that they are thought to be easy on your stomach. So, if you are worried about getting frequent stomach upsets, then you could opt for vitamin supplements that are time release.

Mega 100 tablets from RippleCreek, an online store for quality health supplements, are time release vitamin supplements. They may help you get a balanced gain of the essential nutrients. These tablets may also contain the other important vitamin in the vitamin family, which is the vitamin A. This vitamin not only supports vision, but also helps fight various infections by increasing the WBC count. Mega 100 tablets may also have almost all the vital minerals to meet up the body requirement. When you can get all the essential minerals in these slow release vitamins, why go for separate mineral supplements? Check out this e-store and get these Mega 100 Tablets to get optimum vitamin levels all day long.

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