Iphone 4G Vs Nexus One

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The smart phone market has been exploding in the past year or so. Every cell phone carrier has worked to produce and market the greatest and best phone with the features that can compare and beat every other carrier in the market. Apple’s iPhone has been one of the leaders in the market but competition is hot while new phones are being released every month. One of the iPhone’s direct competitors is the Nexus One. Let’s see how their features compare to see which one of these is overall a  better phone.

The Nexus One is a smart phone much like the iPhone but is a Google product. The hardware of it seems superior to the iPhone but at the same time how often do the users care about the internal specifications as long as it performs what it needs to do? The truth is not too often. People want to see results and they want sleek, shiny, and workable. The Nexus One has a lot to live up to if it plans to rival the 4G and honestly, I don’t think it’s possible.

Let’s start with the screen resolution. Everyone knows that bigger is better because it fits more. The Nexus One boasts a screen resolution of 800×480 while the new iPhone is going to be 960×640, a decent increase.

The processor of the new iPhone is yet another notable point. Many sources say that the A4 system processor will be implemented into the iPhone. For those who are unfamiliar, the iPad also has the same processor type and family. On the contrary, the Nexus One has a 1ghz qualcom QSD snapdragon.

The cost of ownership between the two is where the Nexus One comes out ahead. AT&T has been frequently criticized for the data plan that is required with the iPhone. It is estimated that an iPhone will cost roughly $3,167 during its lifetime while the Nexus One is several hundred dollars cheaper at $2,707.

The Nexus One also has a superior battery life because it is a 3.7V 1400mAh while the iPhone has been previously a 1219mAh leaving a difference of about 2 hours in battery life more with the Nexus. The 4G has been claimed to fix this problem though but most of it is purely speculation. It has been one of the greatest flaws in the iPhone series though.

One of the greatest flaws of the Nexus is for repair. They do not have their own parts supply chain so if something does happen to break HTC has to repair it after you mail it in which can be quite costly while Apple stores can remedy iPhone problems directly on the spot when you walk into one. This is a big difference for people who want instant gratification.

For now though only time can tell anything. Apple likes to keep things under wraps and every specification that has been released is speculation by the analysts who have been anxiously waiting to see just what the new iPhone is going to bring to the market. It has some tough competition though.

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