Investment in Gold Bullion Coins


Investment in Gold bullion coins and silver Coins are far better investment option than Stocks

Silver bars have emerged as popular silver investments because they are

uniform in size, making them easy to handle and convenient to store.

Additionally, silver bars are compact, which enables investors to secure a

great deal of wealth in relative small storage areas. Silver bars with

recognized hallmarks are readily accepted for resale, making them easy to

convert to cash.

Palladium bullion bar and coin investors have few palladium investment

choices today. When palladium spiked to $1100 in late 2000, most palladium

investors sold their bullion coins and bars into that rise and exited the

market. During the ensuing years, the demand for small palladium coins and

bars was so small that most mints quit producing palladium bullion coins

and private refineries ceased making palladium bullion bars.

Because it was industrial buying that send palladium soaring-and not

palladium investors-nearly all palladium bars and coins sold in 2000 ended

up being melted. Now, though, palladium bullion bars and coins are being

produced to meet renewed palladium investment demand.

Popular forms of palladium for investment are 1-oz Credit Suisse and 1-oz

PAMP bullion bars, both of which are refined in Europe. In late 2005, the

Royal Canadian Mint began striking 1-oz Palladium Maple Leaf coins, which

could prove to be investor favorites for palladium investments. Although

Credit Suisse and PAMP are respected names in precious metals refining,

many investors prefer coins produced by government mints.

Platinum bullion and coin investors do not have a large selection of

platinum coins from which to choose. Yet, the platinum bullion coins

available come from the most prestigious mints in the world. Platinum

Eagles are produced by the U.S. Mint, Platinum Maple Leafs by Canada’s

Royal Canadian Mint, and Platinum Koalas by Australia’s Perth Mint.

American Eagle Gold coins are a Good collectables and are considered a good investment option. Another Kind of famous gold coin is the American Buffalo Gold Coins. It is always advisable to buy Gold coins when the gold prices are reduced. Do not get attracted and buy Gold coins when prices are at soaring. It may prove to be a bad investment if the prices fall back.

Author Bio – Inventory of Coins and Bullions Include many types of Bullion Coins like American Gold Eagles, Gold Bullion Coins and bars. In the future, coins and Bullions will expand by including jewelry and gift items.


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