Htc Desire- Clone Of Nexus One

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Nexus One which made a lot of noise around the mobile manufacturers as we know was produced by HTC. This made some additional benefits not only for the Google but also for HTC.

Soon after the release of the Nexus One a lot of rumors started over the fact that HTC is planning to produce its one version of Nexus One which will cost less and be more affordable for the customers.

Not long after the rumors turned out to be true: HTC announced about the release of the new smartphone HTC Desire. The phone is equipped with the traditional HTC User interface- HTC Sense, which gives great functionality to the device.

As it is obvious for the operating system Android was chosen to be the one. The processor capacity of the smartphone is 1GHz. The rest of the most interesting features are 3.7-inch AMOLED touch display and of course 5 megapixel camera.

As when talking about the appearance of the smartphone then we might mention that it’s not that similar with Nexus One. HTC Desire looks a lot like the most of the high-end  HTC phones. Except of the fact that the buttons which are placed on the front part of the screen seem to be of quite interesting design- they are assymetric- which indeed makes the design even more interesting.

The only question left is why HTC decided to produce this smartphone? Won’t it just become a competitor of Nexus One?

As for now the only we might say that Vodafone is planning to release 2 HTC phones in April- both HTC Desire and HTC Legend.

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