How to Develop Sexy Six Pack Abs

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If you've ever wanted to have a set of six pack abs, then this will be the most important article you'll ever read.

Developing your abdominal muscles takes work and determination but the funny thing is, once you've got them, they're pretty much there to stay.

The trick to getting started is to be committed for 90 days. Once you've gone past the first three months the rest is a breeze!

Plus, once you have developed and toned those muscles once, you hardly have to do any work at all to keep them.

As far as what exercises you need to do, you'll want to pick 7 highly effective exercises (like the ab bicycle and the reverse crunch.) Perform between 10 and 25 repetitions for each set or exercises. Repeat those 7 exercises three times for a total of 21 sets in all.

Once you've done that workout, wait at least a full day before doing it again. You need to give your abdominal muscles some time to rest and repair themselves to develop and grow.

Now surprisingly enough, you can fully work your abs in about 15 minutes a day. So developing a great set of abs does not really have to be all that time consuming.

The real secret to developing a stunning set of six pack abs is not only about abdominal exercises, it has much more to do with what you do outside of your abdominal exercise routine.

This may not be surprising to you, but you need to reduce your body fat percentage if you want to see those ripples. But do not worry, burning fat can be extremely simple if you take the right steps.

The other part of the formula is to take up cardiovascular exercises (like riding a bike, swimming, jogging or even skipping rope) for about half an hour at a time to increase your metabolism and to process food faster in your body. Once you can digest your food quicker, it's easier for your body to begin using stored fat as energy.

The other thing that's also extremely important is what you put into your body to fuel it. Having healthy eating habits that fuel your body with the right type of nutrients will make a huge difference in your fat burning efforts.

I highly recommend seeing a nutritionist or a dietitian for their recommendations.

Once you've got the fat out of the way and have effectively learned how to keep it off, your abs will show through and you'll have that washboard look in no time.

Unfortunately, doing abdominal exercises alone does not help much to burn fat, but combining an ab workout with a cardio routine and a healthy eating plan will definitely lead to a strong sexy set of six pack abs that will make anyone drool.

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