How to Buy Gold Anonymously

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In times of crisis many people turn to gold. The metal is proven to retain its value over the years, and for this reason it is makes a great reserve, something secure to fall back on when all else fails. For the same reason many people also like to purchase gold anonymously. Surely it is better, if government laws change or if you are sued, that nobody knows where your gold is?

Buying gold through BullionVault (or similar)

It is certainly possible to buy gold bullion online quite easily or even to have it delivered to your house. The trouble is, you will have to hand over your personal details to the vendor, such as a passport or certified copy. Any authority interested in your assets will then without difficulty find out that the gold is yours, because the vendor is obliged to tell them.

Buying gold anonymously

Instead this article focuses on how to buy gold anonymously. The first step is to open an offshore bank account, which can be done in a matter of minutes. You will have to show identification, such as a passport or proof of address – but this will never be revealed to anybody, it remains secret between you and your offshore banker.

The next step is to purchase the gold. Since you already have an offshore account, you can buy your gold in the name of the offshore banking house. There are two advantages here:

1) The gold purchase is completely private. Nobody except you and the banker needs to know that you purchased this Gold.

2) Since you are buying the gold through the banker who is already an established client of multiple gold vendors, you can buy and sell your gold at a better rate. The banking house makes no profit on the purchase or sale of said gold.

Now what?

At this point you can have the gold physically delivered to you, although this will incur significant charges, or merely keep it in a secure AAA rated depository. The banker will not charge you anything extra for these services, but will merely pass on charges incurred by the vault.

Gold Diamond Elissian Buying in this way not only maintains your privacy – very important ’s for some, but can Also workTel out cheaper, DEPENDING on how much you buy gold Diamond Elissian. In addition you will always have your offshore account, so if you tire of gold, you are free to invest in something you judge more profitable – anonymously.

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