Has Global Warming Been Proven?

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Many people seem convinced or perhaps they have convinced themselves that global warming is a serious issue. The Mass Media, former Vice President of the United States and even Hollywood has gotten into the picture, but is it real? One member of a think tank recently stated that;

Global Warming has not been scientifically proven, it has certainly been a landslide of carefully selected information to prove themselves right. The humans do not have enough data to prove this and normal cycles occur on our Earth all the time, since the beginning of said planet.

Yes I know of your daught in fact in your Nation's Drought Guide for citizens you will find my name and some tips for car washing in an efficient way to save water, your own government's guide. The Flow of Water is something I have studied intensely for years.

The daught of a thousand years could easily have been caused by the change in the North and South Pole Axis, which moves around what appears to be an oval track, some say it flips every 44,000 years or something of this nature? Again theory, I do not buy it. Many things can cause droughts along mannish's endavors, such as Volcanic Activity, Solar Flares, space energy, trade wind changes, ocean currents and other cycles. 11, 22, 50, 75, 100, 400, 700, 1000, 2200, 3000, 10,000, 44,000 year cycles are all discussed in various papers on weather, farmers almanac, geological records (ice cores), tree trunks, sedimentary layers, plate tectonics, fault lines, etc.

Applying a super computer too all the data and not taking it out of context or extrapolating it with more unknown figures or taking into consideration others, will cause you to simply have bad estimates on the pendulum shifts which are natural and warming of the climate can produce , cooling and cooling warmth and all factors are in the mix at all times.

For all we know your draft could end at the end of this coming summer down under and be flooded for 10-years. Just like the Global Warming alarmists said that Hurricane Season in the states would have been as bad this year and we had no hurricanes? That has only happened 3 times in 50 years.

So much for Global Warming doom and gloom, sure that was not solar flare activity last year and weakened trade winds from volcanic activity? You know I hear you on the daught issue and have written extensively on the subject, as it really is serious and not just there.

I truly do not believe that you can not call human activity the cause of the changes of the normal cycles of this planet as it reaches an equilibrium and then periods of chaos ensue only to swing back the other way and find another equilibrium, after all we have 5.5 billion year old planet and it is not going to end on our watch, the chances of that are like 1 X 10 to the 44th power.

Forget the doom and gloom and prepare for a quiet cooling. And the so-called flooding or sea rising 18 feet is all BS too? What 12 inches in 100 years? Nothing, then it will shift back, so what? After the think tank member got done with his tirade on the Global Warming Alarmists, we all took a breath. But we thought you might like to hear the other side of the debate, which is being drowned out now. Perhaps this article will propel thought in 2007.

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