Google will launch the Android 2.2 and Nexus 2 on May 9

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Do you often pay attention to the latest events and news about the mobile phones? Will you be attracted by any new phones on the wholesale mobile phones market? Now the competition in the mobile field is very fierce. The manufacturers launch new models one after another.

The Google I/0 developer conference which will be holding on May 19 is approaching and the Google Android 2.2(Froyo) which will be published then will gain special attention from the public. Apart from that, the Nexus Two mobile phone may be jointly published by Google and MOTO on the conference.

The Android 2.2 is also called the Froyo. There was a report that the Android 2.1 will surpass the 2.1 a lot. In the test, the Android 2.2 improves the score by 450%. In this case, it is worth expecting to a great extent. And it’s certain that Google also expect a great deal from it. There are many improvements of the Android 2.2. It allows the application program installing on the micro-SD and supports Flash.

We know that Google has released the Nexus One in January. Currently, Google fully terminates the online selling of the Nexus One. Perhaps it has something to do with the iPhone 4G. The Nexus One is incapable of fighting against it. As the iPhone 4G will be published shortly, the Nexus Two may be developed to compete with the iPhone 4G.

It’s said that the phone created by MOTO is the discussed „Shadow“. Though such marks are yet to be confirmed by Official Google and MOTO, there’s news from official Google that there’s a mobile of MOTO independent brand going to appear in the Google shops. Thus, there’s great possibility for the Nexus Two to meet with you on the conference.

The Google I/O Developer Conference is worth expecting just like the 2010 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference which will begin on June 7. The Nexus Two launched jointly by Google and MOTO will be totally excellent if it comes with the Android 2.2.

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