Google Nexus One Vs iphone Vs LG GW990 – all details, your take?

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Everyday, the highly competitive smartphone market is coming out with something or the other. First, it was iPhone, and then google came out with its Nexus One, which it called a superphone. Now South Korean electronics major LG has joined the race and has taken a step further and launched the LG GW990. It boasts of a large display and an ultra powerful processor. But will it be able to compete against the iphone and nexus one phone needs to be seen.
There have been lots of complaints about the nexus one phone and even the prices have been slashed. Still now people are a bit confused whether to go for it or wait for sometime.

The LG GW990 smarthphone has a display of 4.8 inch, which is bigger than Nexus one and iPhone. It has one of the biggest displays among all existing smartphones. Indeed a smart move by LG. The LG new phone was showcased during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. A representative from LG demonstrated that LG’s smartphone can easily run 3 applications side by side without any problems.

LG GW990 is powered by Intel’s Moorestown Processor, which is an energy efficient version of Intel’s Atom Processor that power the netbooks and mini laptops. The clock speed of the processor might be at least 1 Ghz.

The LG GW990 runs on Intel’s Moblin 2.1 mobile OS, which is based on Linux Platform and can thus handle multitasking with ease. The LG Smartphone has 16GB built in flash memory, with 512 MB RAM, which is better than Nexus One, which only provides 4GB internal internal memory storage.

The LG phone has a 1850mAH Battery, whereas the Nexus One has 1400 mAH battery. Like Nexus One and iPhone, the LG smartphone has a 5 mega pixel camera with auto focus and LED flash, which is better than iphone.

Nexus One phone offers 3G connectivity (many are complaining about the 3g connectivity), whereas LG’s GW990 offers 3. 5 HSPA connectivity and it is also rumored that it may support LTE 4G technology in future, thus providing super fast broadband.

LG GW990 other features and specifications:

Digital Compass
Onscreen Keyboard
microSD card slot
S Class UI
GPS with A-GPS support with 7.2 MBPs HSDPA and 5.6 MBPs HSUPA

It certainly looks that LG’s new smartphone has overtaken Nexus One phone and iPhone in many ways and with LG GW990 reviews and other features to be out later this year, it promises a tough fight to iphone and Google Nexus one phone.

So whats your take? Iphone, Nexus One or LG CW990?

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