Don’t Create Negativity

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In life I believe that you shouldn’t live by other peoples rules, and you shouldn’t care what others think of you, but also that you should hold yourself to your own standard of rules for how to live. One important rule that I try to live by and I suggest you try to live by as well, is the simple rule that says „Don’t create negativity“.

This is a principle that I think if applied by many people could really transform the world we live in. It’s a simple enough concept but I think ensuring you live by it can have a positive impact on yourself and everyone around you.

When I say ‚Don’t create negativity‘ what I mean is, don’t do things that cause negative emotions in others or even just in yourself. A simple example of this is throwing an insult at someone. When you insult someone you cause negativity in the mind of the person you are insulting therefore breaking the rule. A more personal example of this rule is when you think something negative about yourself. If you look in the mirror and feel bad over how you don’t think you look attractive enough you’re creating unnecessary negative emotions inside yourself.

Negativity is like a disease

Negativity is contagious, it’s very easy for negativity to spread from one person to another. When a miserable person comes into a room and starts complaining continually about this or that it’s not hard for those around him to start feeling negative, either they will feel negativity in annoyance or resistance to what he is saying or begin to share his negativity in agreement of what he is saying.

When it comes to creating negativity, the old saying ‚what goes around comes around‘ applies. If you snap at someone who asks you a question at work for whatever reason that person may fall into a worse state of mind, perhaps he will snap back at you, or tell someone else off, or make a mistake during his work costing the company as a whole… Creating negativity can cause a chain reaction that can affect many people’s lives and will most likely come back to you in one way or another. A single ripple in a small pond can affect the surface of the entire water.

Alternatives to negativity

What if someone’s being an asshole to you… or they are arguing a point that is obviously wrong… what if you need to stand up for yourself? Does not creating negativity mean becoming a doormat for people to walk all over you? Absolutely not… It’s just about dealing with problems in a better way creating as little negativity as possible. When you focus on dealing with a problem without creating negativity you tend to apply more calm, logical and persuasive methods to get the desired outcome. Difficult people are often eager to have some negativity thrown their way so they can throw some back, calmly telling a difficult person what’s up in a logical way is usually much more effective than starting a negativity war with them. Solving a problem is often easier and more efficient if you don’t cause any negativity as you go.

It’s the intention that counts

When it comes to not creating negativity you should focus on the intention behind your actions rather than the actions themselves. When raising children for example it can sometimes be necessary to take disciplinary actions that cause some negativity in the mind of the child, but as long as the intention behind the action is positive… such as protecting the child from harm… then you’re not breaking the rule. Tough love can be necessary at times… just try to use a method which creates as little negativity as possible while getting the desired result.

Where does negativity come from?

A person’s default state of mind is not negative. When you first wake up on a Sunday morning without the alarm clock or before any thoughts on the day enter your mind you won’t have any negativity to speak of. Any negativity you feel for the rest of the day must be created from somewhere, whether it be other people or our own minds.

I think the largest majority of negativity in the world comes from within when people resist what is. When people resist the situation they are in, and create negativity over it, and put themselves in a negative mindset, it’s usually only a matter of time before they are spouting the negativity spreading it to other people. Bad things happen in life, but if you calmly try to fix the things that are within your control, and accept the things which are outside of your control with a positive mindset there is no need to create negativity.

A better world

If everyone woke up one day and decided that today they would not create any negativity (in their own minds or in others) the entire contagious spreading effect of negativity would cease. People would have no trouble keeping a positive attitude because everyone they interacted with during the day would be doing the same.

Unfortunately convincing the whole world to follow this rule isn’t easy, but it is easy to convince ourselves. Tell yourself ‚don’t create negativity‘ and make your own life, and the lives of the people surrounding you just a little bit better.

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