Cash Assistance To Pay Your Past Due Utility Bills

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If you are behind on your utility bills (gas and electric), you are very alone.

Over the next 60 days, millions of Americans are facing the shut-off of their utilities. Others, who have not yet paid for heating oil deliveries from this past winter will not be able to fill their tanks this summer until the past due balance is cleared up.

With escalating energy costs at a time when most people's income is going down and their work hours are being cut, it's easy to see why.

A lot of people are not yet aware that there are federal money (which is given out by your state) in the form of one-time cash grants. It's through a program called LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program).

This year, 5.8 million Americans received this type of cash grant.

What's available and how do you get it?

This money is available in all 50 states. In New Hampshire, the average recipient received $ 600 this winter, with the extremely poor receiving $ 975. Maryland residents are receiving up to $ 1,190 while in Pennsylvania, the amount given is $ 500. In most states, you qualify for the money if you make up to 150% over the poverty line, meaning a family of 4 that makes less than $ 30,326 can get the money. This limit is much higher than $ 30,326 in many states.

"The priority for these cash grants is to consumers who are behind on their gas and electric payments and who face a shut-off".

Many states have moratoriums on shut-offs during the winter and these are the people facing a complete cut-off of utilities in the next 60 days. Sadly, the decision comes down for a lot of people on whether to pay their rent or pay their utility bill this month.

With LIHEAP grants, millions of people can pay both.

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