Breast Enlargement: Reduce the Risk of Rippling

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Rippling, or wrinkling as it is often referred to by cosmetic surgery professionals, is a fairly common side effect of breast augmentation surgery. Unfortunately, this side effect ruins the appearance of augmented breasts as the skin can appear „wrinkled“ or „rippled“ much like water rippling on a river or pond. These creases of wrinkled skin are actually a result of the implant beneath the skin taking on a rippled appearance. Whichever way one looks at it, the last thing any woman wants is to have her new implants ruined by unsightly ripples.

There are numerous factors that do contribute to the rippling of breast implants, and there are most definitely ways to ensure you reduce the risk of rippling.

Firstly, saline implants are much more likely to ripple than silicone implants. The wrinkling is most likely to occur due to under-filling the saline implant, and although surgeons often lean towards over-filling as a way to avoid this, it is by no means a practice which is supported by manufacturers as this could lead to deflated implants in the longer term.

Thinner women are also more likely to experience rippling as they tend to have less of their own breast tissue to cover the implants. Again, even thin women are much less likely to suffer from wrinkling and rippling if they opt for silicone implants.

In addition to all of this, the placement and texture of the implants can also contribute to the risk/ reduced risk of rippling. For instance, implants placed beneath the muscle run a much lower risk of rippling along the upper and inner side of the breast, than those placed above the muscle. However, this does not mean that they can’t ripple along the outside and under regions as these are not covered by the muscle. In terms of texture, smooth implants run a much lower risk of wrinkling, whilst textured implants may be more likely to ripple.

Lastly there is profile and natural breast tissue to consider. For whatever reason, high profile implants tend to ripple less than low profile implants, although the choice between the different profiles is usually dependent on the size and shape of your body and not always in the control of the patient. Whilst we are speaking of factors out of control of the patient, it is important to speak about natural breast tissue.

When it comes to breast enlargement and rippling, the bottom line is the patient’s natural breast tissue. The less you have in terms of your own breast tissue, the higher the risk of wrinkling. No matter what precautions you end up taking, if you have little or no breast tissue, you will be more likely to develop wrinkles than a person with a fair amount of their own breast tissue.

The good news for women that have already had breast enlargement surgery that has resulted in a rippled or wrinkled outcome is that it is possible to rectify with a corrective surgery and possibly new implants. This is by no means an ideal however it is possible with a credible and reputable cosmetic surgery provider.

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