Benefits of sat nav systems

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Benefits of satellite navigation systems

Satellite navigation systems have become more popular in recent years and the technology and features available has improved greatly. When looking to buy a new sat nav system it is important to keep the below features in mind. Having additional features will make using the sat nav easier and also make it a more worthwhile investment.

Some of the best features available include:

A good traffic and routing function- This allows the sat nav to reprogram and reroute your journey should a traffic incident occur.

Camera Alerts- With this function a sat nav will alert you in advance to any fixed speed cameras on your route. This gives you greater awareness of the actual speed limit and could stop you picking up a speeding fine. Some sat navs receive camera updates free for life; others require a monthly or annual subscription.

Points of interest- some sat navs will point out places such as petrol stations, parking areas, restaurants and hotels, this would be beneficial if you were going on holiday in your own car.

Bluetooth adaptability- this allows you to use your sat nav as a hands free set for your mobile phone.  This is obviously a huge benefit as not only will driving whilst being on the phone cost you a hefty fine it will also put points on your license.

These are just some of the most common features to look out for. With the technology constantly being updated who knows what is next for sat navs.

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