Blockchain Blueprint: Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Blockchain Technology and How it is Creating a Revolution (Books on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Money, Hidden Economy, Ethereum, FinTech)

Jetzt kaufen You will have a MASSIVE advantage if you learn about Blockchain Technology before it blows up! Blockchain is the future of our world. This revolutionary concept has been developed alongside bitcoin, but as you will learn in this book, the two have almost nothing else to do with each other. At one time, […]


Jetzt kaufen Finally! Now, everything will be better. At least that is what Rachel Tucker is hoping for. After seven rocky years of marriage to her controlling, mentally abusive husband, Shane, Rachel has hope for a new beginning. That hope comes when Shane lands a new job and the family moves from Seattle to a […]

A Ripple of Hope

Jetzt kaufen On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and mortally wounded. American cities were engulfed in chaos and fear. Despite the violence raging across the country, Robert F. Kennedy made a campaign appearance in an African-American neighborhood, delivering a moving, extemporaneous plea for peace and reconciliation, a talk that eventually […]

Ethereum Programming

Jetzt kaufen Key Features The most popular framework to build Blockchain applications Build powerful, real business applications in Blockchain Learn with the aid of real examples, scenarios, and clear, demystifying explanations Book Description Ethereum is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology. Using Ethereum, anybody can build reliable, decentralized applications and bypass dangerous single points […]

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