The Ripple Effect of Saline Breast Augmentation

Saline-filled breast implants typically have some amount of rippling or wrinkling which is not usually seen with silicone gel breast implants. (although it can still occur) This is particularly evident in women with thin skin and very little breast tissue. Implant wrinkling is felt on the bottom and sides of the breasts and can be seen as patterned set of lines visible through the breast skin. Breast implant wrinkling is usually most visible in certain positions, particularly when one is leaning forward or lying on your back. Wrinkles on a saline breast implant may be only a minor cosmetic issue (if you were informed before surgery) or might be a source of major unhappiness and be the reason to undergo revision surgery.

Rippling occurs as a result of the physical interface between the saline and the elastic silicone polymer shell. The exact reason wrinkling of the breast implant occurs has to do with how well the filler material coats the inside of the implant and bonds to it as well as its own viscosity. Water (or saltwater) flows easily and does not ’stick’ well to the inside wall of the breast implant shell, resulting in implant buckling and folding. This is a normal finding with salinebreast implants and its presence is not abnormal or the plastic surgeon’s fault. Placement of saline breast implants above the muscle is also much more likely to lead to visible implant wrinkling in thin individuals as there is little breast tissue to cover the visible ripples and there is no pressure on the implant from the overlying muscle. Textured saline implants are particularly prone to rippling due to their thicker shell (harder for the water to push it out) and due to traction from the implant grabbing the thicker non-stretchable surrounding scar that it creates. The combination of textured salinebreast implants above the muscle has the highest incidence of significant wrinkling issues.

Established ways to diminish the amount of wrinkling which can occur are to overfill the breast implant with more saline than the implant base size (increase the internal fluid pressure) and to place the saline breast implants under the muscle. (which puts more pressure on the outside of the implant). Both of these methods do lead to less wrinkling, but neither can completely prevent it. Overfilling a breast implant with too much saline will make it feel more firm than normalbreast tissue , although this is generally well accepted by most patients. The best approach for prevention is to use non-textured (smooth) saline implants placed under the muscle which are then filled 25 to 50cc more than its base size. While all implant wrinkling can not be prevented with saline fills, a significant reduction can be seen in most patients with this approach.

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Forex Accumulator Review – Is Forex Accumulator a Scam?

Is Forex Accumulator a scam? Most people have heard of automated trading robots before but are generally very skeptical about their potential to earn an income online. In order for a Forex robot to be profitable, it must first be programmed with a tested and proven trading formula that has worked to make long term profits before.

Therefore, it is crucial that you find out who programmed the system and whether or not they have had success in currency trading before you buy and use any trading software. Since its release on beta version, it has helped me more than double my account in less than 6 weeks and I am very satisfied with its performance so far.

1. What Do You Need to Become Profitable with the Forex Accumulator Software?

Having a good foundation in Forex trading knowledge is always useful for making money on Forex, but the fact is that Forex Accumulator does not require its users to have much knowledge about currencies trading. There are already people with absolutely no knowledge and experience in Forex who are making a full time income with FX Accumulator. The robot makes all the decisions for its users based on the analysis that it does based on its internal analytical tools and indicators. The user only needs to watch the robot carefully to ensure that all the settings are correct.

2. Can You Really Trust the Forex Accumulator Software?

The most important thing that I checked at first was the historical performance of the robot and how much maximum drawdown it has got in its history. Having used Forex Accumulator for a while now, I would not say that it is perfect. It does make some losing trades occasionally, but I would advise against exiting any trades manually even if you think your trade is heading for a loss. I have found that it is best to stick to the system regardless of circumstances; otherwise I always ended up losing more money.

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Gold Coin Sells For Half A Million Dollars!

In January,  2010 a rare 1907 Double Eagle $20 gold coin was sold in Orlando, Florida – for over half a million dollars! 

What made this coin so unique?   Its  „Farouk“ pedigree – indicating that it was formerly owned by the legendary King Farouk.  Just one of an incredible cache of highly valuable, sought after numismatic coins.

The Double Eagle was actually discontinued in 1933, when President  Roosevelt prohibited circulation of gold, in an attempt to rebuild the U.S. economy during the Depression.  When hoarding of gold was also prohibited many Americans  dutifully turned in their gold to the banks. Though the U.S. Mint  made another  445,000 $20 Double Eagle coins – which were never  circulated.  

In 1937,  these 1933 Double Eagle coins were destroyed, except two, now at the Smithsonian Institute.  Prior to this however, several coins were stolen. The US Mint’s Chief  Cashier took ten of the coins, nine  were later recovered.  One remained – which somehow found its way into King Farouk’s collection.

Who was King Farouk? And how did he manage to acquire such a treasure?!

Farouk I Fārūq al-Awwal ‎ (1920– 1965) –  King of Egypt and Sudan.

Like many nobles, he was educated in England.  Multilingual, he spoke eight languages fluently. 

Throughout his short, but eventful  life, this infamous  Egyptian was  known for his lavish, excessive, Western lifestyle.  Upon the death of his father,  at just 16 years of age, he was crowned King of Egypt,  inheriting  thousands of acres of land, palaces by the dozen, hundreds of cars, and a huge treasury. 

Farouk loved the glamorous royal lifestyle, the money,  travel, and made frequent shopping trips to parts of Europe – which not surprisingly, did not prove popular with many of his subjects.

Reportedly,  he once offered a Mexican actress Queen Nefertari’s (wife of Ramses) crown – for a single night of passion.  It is not known whether she took Farouk up on his offer, but the crown remained in Cairo…

During his reign (1936 to 1952), King Farouk 1st  was a prolific collector, and built up one of the largest,  most impressive international collections of gold numismatic coins – an estimated  8,500 gold coins!  – some of them quite rare.  Farouk picked up most of his coins in the 1940s, when a numismatic dollar was far less expensive, costing just one Egyptian pound. 

During World War II, Farouk was widely criticized for continuing his lavish lifestyle.   He wrote to Hitler, advising that an invasion would be welcome, then delayed declaring  war on Germany until most of the fighting in Egypt was already over.

Due to corrupt government,  long-standing British occupation, and the loss of most of Palestine to Israel in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Farouk’s unpopularity grew. A  military coup in 1952 forced him to abdicate and go into exile, first in Monaco,  then Italy where he remained.

In  1953,  when the 150-year monarchy was officially abolished, the  revolutionary government  auctioned all of Farouk’s treasures.  Among these was a rare 1933 Double Eagle -which unfortunately went missing.

All of the coins had to be catalogued under military guard in Cairo  within a short period of time, making it impossible to record everything.   Most of the coins were offered in large lots (often 15-20 coins), arranged by denomination, with both rare and common coins in each lot.  Large lots, and  poor presentation, meant  the coins were sold far below  their true worth.

Numerous well-known American dealers/collectors attended the sale.  Astute collectors realized this was an amazing opportunity.  John J. Pittman reportedly took out a second mortgage to finance the trip, and purchased the entire collection – the wisest move of his entire numismatic career.

As the U.S. government was aware that  the 1933 Double Eagle was in the collection, they officially requested that the stolen coin be taken out of the sale and returned to the US. The Egyptian government did withdraw the Double Eagle, but it disappeared and its whereabouts remained a mystery, for more than four decades…

Then in 1996,  a British dealer arrived at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City, to sell to an American collector.  Federal agents, disguised as coin collectors,  swooped in and seized the 1933 Double Eagle.

It resurfaced in  2010, making the present owner a cool half  million dollars! 

 And what happened to King Farouk? As he aged, a fondness for  an overabundance of rich food caused Farouk to become dangerously obese, weighing nearly 300 pounds.  In 1965, he collapsed and died after a heavy meal, at the Ile de France Restaurant in Rome. There were some suspicions of poison, but no autopsy or investigation was ever carried out.

And this ended the short but memorable life of King Farouk – coin collector extraordinaire!

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From Dust to Dust

According to theory, all of the matter, space, time and energy were once confined to a very small concentrated area that began to expand as a "Big Bang." Just a very small fraction of a second into this expansion, extremely hot quark-gluon plasma preceded the formation of protons and neutrons, which later attracted electrons, forming atoms. The simplest and most abundant of these made the element hydrogen. As the early universe continued to expand and cool faster than the speed of light, superclusters of galaxies began to develop along the strands and fabric of the cosmos.

Raw materials for the making of the early universe came in the form of gas and tiny particles called dust. The dust coalesced into pockets and the force of gravity drew the dust into clumps, the seeds for the formation of stars, planets, and stellar system debris such as moons, comets, asteroids and meteoroids. When temperatures reached sufficient levels, thermonuclear fusion reactions occurred via the proton-proton chain, ultimately creating helium and other heavier elements. A star is born! Heat from the core of a star radiates outward, causing an expansion. Gravity pulls inward toward the core, opposing the expansion. This balancing act creates a state of equilibrium. As the star depletes its hydrogen fuel supply, the balance is disrupted and gravity takes over, causing the star to contract. Heavier elements in the core begin to burn, and the higher temperatures lead to a great expansion, resulting in a red giant or supergiant star. Our star, the sun, will undergo this transformation in about 50 million years. It will ultimately blow out its outer layer into space, forming a roughly spherical shell of gas and dust known as a planetary nebula, leaving behind a white dwarf. If the mass of a star is several times greater than that of the sun, its fate would be a tremendous explosion known as a supernova. Shock waves from the explosion of the old star create a rippling effect in nearby molecular clouds, leading to the formation of new stars.

It has been said that we are made of star stuff, the heavier elements created from supernovae, the death of these massive old stars (though their lifespan is much shorter than lower mass stars). If all the chemical compounds making up the entire human body were purchased, they would add up to about 98 cents. You see, we are made from the dust, and someday we will return to the dust from which we are made. Is it possible that the chemical compounds alone can provide a living being? Or is there something beyond the dust that makes us "alive?" Could it be that we are actually a spirit housed inside of a human body? Then, when the dust returns from which it came, we shall go on into eternity. Will the universe eventually run out of seeds for new star formation, leading to a depletion of the raw materials required and an end to the universe as we know it? Or will the prevailing dark matter, as evidenced from the study of rotation curves in galaxies indicating that we are only detecting roughly 10% of the mass that makes them up, somehow trigger a continuation of the universe at large? Perhaps a new heaven and a new earth are in the works.

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Analysis of Honda’s Leadership Style

Nowadays teams are becoming very important in every company. Team building denotes a process of elaboration and development of a greater sense of collaboration between team members. The organizational culture helps to unite team members. Team building is used in work organizations and is the essential part of a leader’s work. Team building skills are necessary for an exemplary leader, such as Honda. These skills are obligatory for effective work of a company and better understanding of team work can help a leader and an employee become more effective in the corporation. A team building success is when your team is able to do some great project and work more and more effectively. The essential element of team work success is the ability of a team to direct their efforts toward a certain goal of the team.
This article briefly analyzes Soichiro Honda – Japanese industrialist, the founder of Honda Motor Corporation. Research has shown that Honda is an exemplary leader who has built his success on ‘failures‘. He believed ‘failures‘ are essential for achieving the real success. Persistence is the major characteristic feature of Honda. He had the ability to go through one failure after the other and to stay the same person with the same dreams and aspirations. Soichiro Honda is recognized as one of the most successful mechanical engineering entrepreneurs since Henry Ford. Vision and recognition of an opportunity is the hallmark of Honda and other leaders. Honda had a clear aim – the factor that guided his corporation and brought it success. It was Honda’s leadership and vision that made his corporation successful on a world scale.
The research of the events has shown that Honda was the innovative leader who encouraged a culture of experimentation. He injected enthusiasm and energy into people around him and they helped him to achieve great things. Soichiro Honda was a transformational leader and working for him was a wonderful and uplifting experience. Soichiro Honda was a true leader who had the ability to create a healthy working atmosphere within the team. Honda focused efforts and activities of a team for achieving the desired goal – effective and successful team work. He set clear goals and everyone accepted them. Honda was a good leader who was able to deal with all team work issues. Although the employees called Honda ‘Mr. Thunder‘ for his bursts of anger in answer to their mistakes, they loved and respected him.

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Samsung Nexus S Vs iphone 4 : An even battle

Apple and Samsung have provided the customers some of the best phones and they continue to do so.

Change for a better cause is always beneficial and profitable and this is also the tradition followed by all the major mobile companies which include the likes of Apple and Samsung. Both of these companies are in lieu to grab the attention of people and make them ponder over the products. Both of these companies have released their products which have new operating system and an array of other features as well.

Samsung has released its new phone Samsung Nexus S and it is based on the latest Andriod v2.3 operating system which is the main highlight of the widget. This phone has the dimensions of 123.9 x 63 x 10.9 mm and weighs only129 g. The device has a clear and contoured shape display with curved glass screen. There are all the sensors present in the device and it makes it competitive and responsive device.

The snapper of the device is of 5 MP and is backed up by features like Geo-tagging, touch focus and Xenon Flash. Along with the HSDPA it has Wi-Fi as well to support a good connection. Samsung Nexus S Deals are available throughout the online portals and they provide great value for money deal.

Next we have is one of the most favorite product of 2010 worldwide, Apple iphone 4. Despite what critics have to say about the product, it continues to rule the heart of many and is the most desirable phone. The device is manufactured by the greatest innovators and they loaded this widget with great features. There is the latest iOS 4 on the gadget and the processing is done by the latest Apple A4 processor.

It has a 5 MP shooter on the back and also has flash support for low light photography. The connectivity features of the device are good as it houses all the amazing benefits of HSDPA and Wi-Fi. There is wide range of application support for this phone through online application store. Apple iphone 4 Deals are easily available through all the internet portals.

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Working principle of a Boiler

Every household in the United Kingdom has a central heating boiler in their houses. But anyone of you has ever thought how does a central heating boiler work. Today I am going to explain how exactly the central heating system (boiler) works.

The water stored in the vessel when heated to a desired temperature level by burning natural gases, coal and wood pellets can be defined as a boiler. The steam produced by the boiler when heated is piped to a spot which can be is utilized for different purposes such has running the production units, sanitizing some area, sterilizing equipments, to warm up the surroundings, to heat up the water, and many more.

Burner is a heart of the boiler which converters water to steam. This burner is heated by supplying fuels into it. Generally the steam needed to heat your houses, buildings, hospital, office and other places where heat is required is created by the fuel that is burned and supplied to the boiler from the burner. The burner can be heated by using different fuels like natural gas, coal or wood pellets. If you’re using natural gases, then the natural gases are released into the burner through a special pipe which heats the burners. If you’re using any oil to heat the burner the then the oil is supplied to them which pressurizes and heats the burners. When it comes to wood pellets, the woods are burned using some fuel which helps to heat the burners.

After the burners are heated up using the required fuels, then the gases or the fire from the burners are directly released on the boiler to heat up the water. The water can be boiled in the boiler depending on the two types of boilers used in the market.

There are generally two types of boilers which use their own principles to produce heat.

•    Firetube Boilers
•    Watertube Boilers

Firetube Boilers: Firetube boilers are also know as shell boilers. These boilers are the most commonly used boilers in the market. In the firetube or shell boilers the water is surrounded by the water. The water which surrounds the shell or firetube is heated by sending the hot gases or fire which is produced by the burner through the shell or firetube. The hot gases or fires are allowed four times through the tubes in the boiler before letting the out of the boilers. These tubes are generally set at the banks of the boilers. The firetube boiler systems can release up to 25,000lbs or 750hp of steam per hour. About 80% of the boilers that are in use today belong to this particular category.

Watertube Boilers: In the Watertube Boilers the tubes are arranged vertically in the shell. Then the water is filled in the shell which is heated by sending the hot fuel or hot gases through the tubes. Generally Watertube boilers are built in rectangular shape with two or three drums. The drums are arranged at the top and bottom, where top drum is used to separate water and steam and the bottom drum is used to collect he sludge. Watertube boilers are usually utilized when more than 750hp of steam per hour is required.

The temperature generally rises up to 212 degree Fahrenheit when the fuels or hot gases released into the boiler from the burner which heats up the water. At this temperature the water converted to the steam. The steam generated is then circulated throughout the building or home using radiators, vents and pipes, specifically created for heat transferring.

To overcome the problems like overheat of the boilers, some of the heat is retained in the boiler to keeping the building or home warm needs. Since more steam is produced as the temperature increases, it is essential to check the boiler and ensure that excess pressure is not built. To check the pressure build up, run your boiler for short durations of time. Furthermore, they have to be maintained regularly to keep them in optimum working condition.

To know the complete details of the combi boiler and their prices please visit

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3 Basic Things Needs for Mutual Fund

In past one decade the financial market feel major changes. Investor is now use mutual fund as major investment choice.

The reason behind investment in the mutual fund is to get the security than the stock market as well as better return on the investment. Investors are now considering the investment in mutual fund for their financial goal as well as save for their retirement. The investment in the mutual fund is very safe. Mutual funds also have some risk because it gives return on NAV and that is based on capital market trends and other investments. Although majority of the mutual funds are invested in the capital market.

You can get handsome return on investing in the best rated mutual fund rather than other conventional tools. It is essential to select the proper Mutual funds so, which have good track records. You must have to study the mutual funds and the risk associated with the mutual funds. Apart from NAV there are other factors like company investments, past returns and future prospects need to be considered before investing into the mutual funds.

There are some basic things need to remember before investing in the mutual fund.

1. Investment in the mutual fund involves risk. However it is not more risky than the capital market.

2. The past NAV and other financial results are the supportive documents to take the decision but there is not guaranteeing to the investments.

3. Sometime mutual funds NAV get lower than what you have invested. It is better you can choose the proper mutual funds to get the better investment.

Mutual fund is the beneficiary for the investor. It is essential to study the investment according to the market trends.

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Global Trade Business – Risks and Challenges

Global trade businesses have to take care of challenges and risks at various parts. Some risks are same as the risk and challenges faced by a local business but others are unique to the international business scenario. Even the challenges that are related by definition vary in nature. For instance both forms of businesses have to countenance economic challenges, but a global trade business will be facing several issues linked to international financial markets that don’t concern local businesses as much. They are more of a challenge in nature than risks and most of them can be taken care of through appropriate preparation. Keep reading to identify with these challenges better.

Global Trade – Challenge, Scheduling and Approach:

The very first challenge for a global enterprise is to formulate an international approach and then execute it. The administrators and those at decision-making positions often find it hard to alter their thought pattern, which is not good to work in international paradigm. There are numerous worldwide businesses but only a few of them have really accepted a good international approach. Though the situation is improving with more and more professionals and trained graduates taking on the management positions. Nevertheless, global business management needs additional ordinary management, foreseeing and control talents.

Foreign Politics:

Political expertise is a must for everyone but it becomes all so vital when working at global stage. If some plans were appropriate for your trade, a change in ruling government can bring strong changes in those plans. Political disarray will bring down the financial system and that can affect your business. To avoid safeguard business from such unhelpful bangs, you need to make sound political decisions.

Economic and Financial Challenges:

It begins from organizing the resources to initiate global trade and consist of everything like variation in exchange rate, international financial crisis (or some financial crises in the host nation), change in oil rates, international price rises or tariff barriers imposed by the host ruling party, also the export related rules of your own government.

Natural Catastrophe, Environment and War or Terrorism:

Various multinational businesses have to countenance severe opposition by some environment friendly organizations. Citizens are more worried about water and air pollution these days as it is becoming a severe danger to their health. Some natural calamity such as earthquake and floods or some kind of civil war breaking out in the host nation is also in the catalog of potential challenges. A fresh challenge that a global trade business has to bear these days in some specific nation is the danger of bombing, violence or terror campaigns.

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How to Fix Runtime Error 103 instantly

Ever wished that you could run away from pesky runtime error 103? The best solution is not to run away from problems but to face them head on and defeat them, discarding them into the digital abyss, where they will hopefully stay, never to be heard from again. Runtime error 103 is not difficult to fix. Even if you aren’t a computer geek, you can still fix your own runtime error 103. To ensure that you have a hassle-free computer experience every time you work on your PC, check out these simple tips on how to fix runtime error 103 the easy way.

It is always an unpleasant experience when a runtime error 103 window pops up to indicate that something went terribly wrong while you were trying to run a certain application. If you have been ignoring these runtime errors, then maybe it is time to do something about these errors and remove them forever.

#1 Firstly, we can begin by identifying the applications that are causing the conflict. Sometimes, runtime error 103 happens due to conflicts between different programs. To ensure that this is the root of the runtime error 103, simply close all running applications by using the Windows Task Manager. Most of the time, this should solve the problem, but if it doesn’t, let’s proceed to the next step.

#2 Sometimes <a rel=“nofollow“ onclick=“javascript:ga(’send‘, ‚pageview‘, ‚/outgoing/article_exit_link/3138816‘);“ href=““>runtime error 103</a> occurs because of an error within the application or program itself. As such, do a check for bug fixes or patches that might be available for your program. This is usually the case for free downloads where patches and bug fixes will be released at a later date on their respective websites. Just remember to keep your programs updated with the latest release of bug fixes and patches.

#3 If all these suggestions fail, then reinstalling the program might do the trick. This is because runtime error 103 can happen due to incomplete installation, hence resulting in some missing files. Just remember to have a back up copy of all your files as you would not want to lose your data in the midst of re-installation.

Besides following these tips, we recommend that you conduct regular registry cleaning. Registry Repair is a good choice for cleaning your registry and fix runtime errors, including runtime error 103.

Runtime error 103 is not that tough to solve. You can follow the above steps to fix runtime error 103 or you can save you time by using <a rel=“nofollow“ onclick=“javascript:ga(’send‘, ‚pageview‘, ‚/outgoing/article_exit_link/3138816‘);“ href=““>Registry Repair</a>.

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