From Dust to Dust

According to theory, all of the matter, space, time and energy were once confined to a very small concentrated area that began to expand as a "Big Bang." Just a very small fraction of a second into this expansion, extremely hot quark-gluon plasma preceded the formation of protons and neutrons, which later attracted electrons, forming […]

Analysis of Honda’s Leadership Style

Nowadays teams are becoming very important in every company. Team building denotes a process of elaboration and development of a greater sense of collaboration between team members. The organizational culture helps to unite team members. Team building is used in work organizations and is the essential part of a leader’s work. Team building skills are […]

Working principle of a Boiler

Every household in the United Kingdom has a central heating boiler in their houses. But anyone of you has ever thought how does a central heating boiler work. Today I am going to explain how exactly the central heating system (boiler) works. The water stored in the vessel when heated to a desired temperature level […]

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