Global Strategy Framework- an Illustration of Tata Steels

Global Strategy Framework- An illustration of Tata Steel.

Introduction: Most managers have to face the increasing globalisation of markets and competition.  That fact requires each company to decide whether it must become a worldwide competitor to survive. While deciding to go for globalization, the managers face two challenges. .  First, they need to figure out what a global strategy is. Then, when they know what to do, they have to get their organisations to make it happen. Developing a global strategy is complicated by the fact that there are at least five major dimensions of globalisation such as playing big in major markets, standardizing the core product, concentrating value- adding activities in a few countries, adopting uniform market positioning and marketing mix and integrating competitive strategy across countries.

Global strategy framework given by George.S. Yip, Pierre .M. Loewe and Michael .Y. Yoshino helps the manager to decide whether it should globalise a particular business and what sort of global strategy should it pursue.  The global strategy framework/audit involves seven steps as shown in chart-1.(shown at the end)

1.      Identify Strategic business unit to audit: This step involves identifying the particular business unit for which the company is planning for globalisation.

2.      Evaluate industry potential for globalisation: Managers should look first to the business’s industry. An industry’s potential for globalisation is driven by market, economic, environmental and competitive factors (see Chart 2 at the end of the paper) Market forces determine the customers‘ receptivity to a global product; economic factors determine whether pursuing a global strategy can provide a cost advantage; environmental factors show whether the necessary supporting infrastructure is there; and competitive factors pro­vide a spur to action.

                                  Market factors like homogeneous market needs, global customers, shortening product life cycle, transferable brands and advertising and internationalising distribution channel determine the potential for global strategy. Factors like economies of scale in manufacturing and distribution, steep learning curve, significant differences in country costs determine the potential for global strategy from economic point of view. Environmental factors like falling transportation costs, govt policies and technology changes push for global strategy in some industries. Competitive interdependence among countries and global moves of competitors also affect the potential of an industry for global strategy.

3.  Evaluate current extent of globalization: The current extent of globalization of SBU under study is evaluated from five dimensions such as market participation, product standardization, activity concentration, marketing uniformity and integration of competitive moves.

                              Playing big in major markets – ­countries that account for a sizeable share of worldwide volume or where changes in technology or consumer tastes are most likely to start – brings benefits such as, larger volume over which to amortise development efforts and investments in fixed assets, ability to manage countries as one portfolio, including being able to exploit differences in position along the product life cycle, learning from each country, and being at the cutting edge of the product category by participating in the one or two major countries that lead development.

                                The core product can be standardized while customizing more superficial aspects of the offering. This will help the firm to enjoy the economies of scale relating to production.

                               Instead of repeating every activity in each country, a pure global strat­egy provides for concentration of activities in just a few countries. For example. fundamental research is conducted in just one country, com­mercial development in two or three countries, manufacturing in a few countries, and core marketing pro­grams developed at regional centres, while selling and customer service take place in every country in the network. The benefits include gaining economies of scale and lever­aging the special skills or strengths of particular countries.

                               The more uniform the market positioning and marketing mix, the more the company can save in the cost of developing marketing strat­egies and programs. Again it is easy to manage one or two brand than having several brand names.

                                 Instead of making competitive de­cisions in a country without regard to what is happening in other coun­tries, a global competitor can take an integrated approach. Another benefit of integrating competitive strategy is the ability of a company to cross-subsidise. This in­volves utilising cash generated in a profitable, high-market-share country to invest aggressively in a strategically important but low-market-share coun­try.

4. Identify strategic need for change in the extent of globalisation:  From the previous analysis, a firm’s extent of globalisation is compared with the industry potential. In case the firm’s extent of globalisation is less than industry potential, there is a need for global strategy for that firm. Then the next issue would be to check whether the firm has the internal ability to implement such global strategy.

5. Evaluate organisational factors:  Organisational factors can support or undercut a business’s attempt to globalise. Therefore, taking a close look at how the organisation will affect the relative difficulty of globalisation is essential. Four factors affect the ability of an organisation to develop and implement global strategy: organisation structure, man­agement processes, people and cul­ture (see chart 3 at the end of this paper)


 a) Organisational structure:

·          Centralisation of global authority: One of the most effective ways to develop and implement a global strategy is to centralise authority, so all units of the business around the world report to a common sector head. In a company pursuing a global strategy, the business focus should dominate the coun­try focus.

·         Domestic/ International split: A common structural barrier to global strategy is an organisational split between domestic and international divisions. The international division oversees a group of highly autonomous country subsidiaries, each of which manages several distinct businesses. A global strategy for any one of these businesses can then be coordinated only at the CEO level.

         b) Management processes: The appro­priate processes can even substitute to some        extent for the appropriate structure..

·         Cross Country coordination: Pro­viding cross-country co-ordination is a       common way to make up for the lack of a direct report­ing structure.

·         Global Planning: Too often stra­tegic plans are developed sep­arately for each country and are not aggregated globally for each business across all coun­tries. This makes it difficult to understand the business’s com­petitive position worldwide and to develop an integrated strategy against competitors who plan on a global basis.

·         Global budgeting:  Similarly, coun­try budgets need to be consol­idated into a global total for each product line to aid the allocation of resources across product lines.

·         Global performance review and compensation: Rewards, especially bonuses, need to be set in a way that reinforces the com­pany’s global objectives.

·         International groups and forums: Holding international forums al­lows exchange of information and building of relationships across countries. This in turn makes it easier for country na­tionals to gain an understanding of whether the differences they perceive between their home country and others are real or imagined. It also facilitates the development of common products and the co-ordination of marketing approaches.

  c) People: Being truly global also involves using people in a different way from that of a multinational firm.

·         Use foreign nationals: High-po­tential foreign nationals need to gain experience not only in their home country, but also at head­quarters and in other countries. This practice has three benefits: broadening the pool of talent available for executive positions; demonstrating the commitment of top management to internationalisation; and giving talented individuals an irreplaceable de­velopment opportunity.

·         State global intentions: The se­nior management of a company that wants to go global needs to constantly restate that inten­tion and to act accordingly.

     d) Culture: Culture is the most visible aspect of organisation. If the company lacks global identity and has strong national identity, then it will face difficulty in designing global products and programmes.  A high level of autonomy for local business can also be a barrier to globalisation.

6.  Identify organisational ability to implement globalisation:  From the internal or organisational factor analysis, the firms ability to implement global strategy has to be identified.

7. Diagnose scope and direction of required strategy and organisational changes:  From the above analysis, it will be clear whether the firm can implement global strategy or not? What are the changes required in the organisation to implement global strategy?


 Illustration of Tata steels global strategy with the use of global strategy framework:

1. Identify business unit: Amongst the various SBU of Tata groups, I have selected Tata steel company (with special reference to their take over of Corus) as the SBU for the study of global strategy framework.

2. Evaluate Industry potential for globalization:  Market factors pushed for globalization. The market needs for steel was homogeneous and they had global customers. Because of homogeneity of needs, the brands and advertising were transferable.                                                                                                                                                                         

                             Economic factors were also favourable for globalization. Because of standardization of core products, the company was able to enjoy economies of scale in manufacturing. Since the company is ninety nine years old, they also enjoy the benefit of steep learning curve. Again, the raw material cost in U.K. is high. This can be offset by sourcing from India, where raw materials are comparatively cheaper.

                              Environmental factors increased the potential for global strategy. Since Corus had good sales network at various countries, the transportation costs of Tata steel will be reduced. Again, government policies like easing foreign currency restrictions both in UK and India were favourable for global strategy.

                                   Global moves of competitor i.e. Mittal acquiring Arcelor also forced the Tata steel to go for global strategy.

3. Evaluate current extent of globalization: The current extent of globalization is measured under 5 dimensions.

·    Market participation: Tata steel has sales in various countries like USA, Srilanka, Nepal, Shanghai etc but it lacked global identity or image.

·    Product standardization: The basic product was standardized throughout the world. At final stages the product was customized as per the requirements.

·    Activity concentration: Tata steels technological and integration, finance, strategy etc were concentrated only in India whereas the manufacturing activities were dispersed in India, USA, UK, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia etc. Trading was done in Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, South Africa, Hong Kong, etc.

·    Marketing uniformity: The market positioning and marketing mix strategy were uniform throughout the world.

·    Integration of competitive moves: Tata steel has taken an integrated approach to global competitors. They have tough competition with Mittal steels in almost all countries.

3. Identify strategic need for change in the extent of globalization: From the previous analysis, Tata steel concluded that its extent of globalization was significantly lower than the industry potential and lower than its competitor’s global strategy. The Mittal Arcelor is ranked number one in steel industry in the world whereas the Tata steel ranked fifty sixth (before acquiring Corus). Furthermore, the industry potential for Tata steel had a strong need to develop a more global strategy. The next issue was whether Tata steel would be able to implement such a strategy.

5. Evaluate organisational / internal factors: To internal ability of Tata steel to implement global strategy is tested under the following factors:

·    Structure: The head quarter of Tata steel was located in India. The five main functions such as technological and integration, finance, strategy, corporate relation and communication and global minerals were centralized. While the production, selling and distribution was decentralized and the divisions heads were given autonomy to take decisions.

·    Management processes: The management processes were favourable for global strategy. Since the strategy and corporate communication was centralized, there was well cross- border co-ordination.

·    People: There were no foreign nationals working in India either at corporate or divisional levels. There were many foreign nationals overseas, but these were mostly in their home countries and there was little movement between international and domestic jobs. But the leader Ratan Tata, through his action and statements had a global approach.

·    Culture: Tata steel had a strong Indian national identity than a global identity. But some SBU of Tata group like Tetley Tea, Taj group of Hotels had created global identity.

6. Identify organizational ability to implement globalization: Tata steel had the ability to implement globalization because of its rich experience of 99 years of running a business successfully in India. Hence it had the ability to acquire big steel company like Corus.

7. Diagnose scope and direction of required changes: The most important change, the Tata steel has to do is to encourage the transfer of people between nations. According to IISI data, the average hourly rate of pay in UK steel was 6 times that of Brazil and 10 times that of India. So by movement of people, the company can reduce the cost and strengthen its competitive advantage of low cost leadership.

                                Tata groups in foreign countries should blend into the adopted corporate culture. For better brand visibility, more Tata companies will have to go abroad and learn to flourish abroad.

Conclusion:  The global strategy framework provides a relatively simple and quick way to get answers to some of the most complicated questions facing corporate management today. It also greatly facilitates the undertaking of the strategy development phase that follows, because it has identified the major thrusts that are needed. Furthermore, it has the potential for avoiding major errors such as a move towards globalization when none is warranted. Finally it sensitizes the organization to the issues and to the commitments needed if it really decides to compete globally.



  1. George .S.Yip, Pierre.M. Loewe, Michael .Y.Yoshino, „How to take your company to global market“, Columbia journal of world business, 1988.
  2. Pocha Jehangir, „Tatas Titan“, Business world, Jan 14th 2008.
  3. Singh Piya, „Eyes on the World“, Business world, Jan 14th 2008.


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Source by Shilpa Kamath

Allen Bradley Compactlogix Plc Range

The Allen Bradley CompactLogix controllers use the same programming and program organisation as the ControlLogix systems but utilise Allen Bradley 1769 MicroLogix 1500 system I/O and communications options. Their memory space is smaller than the ControlLogix systems but it is more than adequate for medium sized PLC applications.

The Rockwell CompactLogix controllers provide a solution for smaller, machine-level control applications, requiring a low-cost, modular solution. The CompactLogix system is also configured and programmed with RSLogix 5000.

Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC systems use the same Logix control engine as the rest of the Logix series controllers. This means CompactLogix supports the Logix instruction set, task configuration and data tags.

The multi-tasking operating system supports 4, 6, or 8 configurable tasks (depending on the processor) that can be prioritized for executing the program code according to the application. Tasks can contain up to 32 programs, each containing separate routines.

Symbolic addressing using tags is used to identify data by its use in the application, independent of the hardware. You can create libraries of standard routines that can be re-used on multiple machines or applications.

The Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC system also provides you with peer-to-peer communications to other devices via the following communication interface devices, DH-485, DeviceNet, Controlnetm and Ethernet

All CompactLogix controllers provide you with the following features and functionality:

3-position key switch.

Battery backed memory.

Channel 0 default RS232 communication.

Built-in RS-232 port.

Diagnostic LED’s.

Integrated Compact/1769 Bus.

All of the processors in the range have these functions other processors have an extra serial port, Ethernet port or ControlNet port.

All the Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC processors have RUN-REM-PROG Key switch has the following functionality.RUN – PLC in RUN mode no edits possible. REM – PLC in remote mode control of the processor and remote programming available using RSLogix 5000. PROG – PLC in STOP or Program mode, program changes can be downloaded.

Allen Bradley CompactLogix Local I/O allows one additional bank of I/O modules can be added to a CompactLogix system. The first bank includes the CompactLogix controller in the far left position. Each bank requires its own power supply and the controller must be within four slot positions of the power supply. A maximum of one controller may be used in a CompactLogix system.

The system above has a main bank consisting of a processor, 2 I/O cards, a power supply and 2 more I/O cards. The second bank also has 2 I/O cards, a power supply and 2 more I/O cards.

Allen Bradley CompactLogix Remote I/O is achieved in the same way as the ControlLogix system it can be connected to a CompactLogix system only using an Ethernet port on the Processor, or a ControlNet port on the processor. A DeviceNet scanner module is also available for any of the CompactLogix controllers.

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How To Borrow Money Against A Shared Inheritance

An heir may have to wait months and even years in order to get their inheritance distributions. This is because of the length of the legal process involved. So, an heir is allowed, by means of cash advances or loans, to receive funds in a matter of days. It has no effect on the other heirs of the estate. A portion of the estate is assigned by the cash advance company, in exchange for the loan. Here is how you can get an advance on your inheritance.

• You need to first determine whether you have the eligibility for an inheritance cash advance or not. Advances are only typically received by the heirs from probate assets. Probate assets are bank accounts, insurance policies, real estate, company interests and other assets that were only owned by the decedent. Non-probate assets include trust, retirement accounts or any accounts that are jointly held with another person.

• You need to first determine what amount of money you want to lend from your shared inheritance. The usual range of inheritance loans and advances are from $5000 to $250000. Select an amount of loan that is less than the inheritance you expect. The amount of the loan is capped by some lenders at a certain percentage of your total expected inheritance.

• Contact a company that has a specialization in inheritance advances. Money can only be borrowed by the inheritors from their inheritance after the beginning of the probate process by the inheritors. Do not forget to ask the inheritance company that for an inheritance advances what fees will they charge. The fees vary depending on companies. Fees usually depend on the amount of the advance, the complexity of the estate and the amount of time until the estate closes.

• A cash advance has to be arranged by you from the lender. Funds can generally be distributed by the companies from advances and loans within a few days of business of the transaction. If sufficient funds are not present to pay the loan, ask the company about its consequences. The heir usually does not have personal liability for insufficient estate funds because the heir is assigned an interest to the company.

• Return the money back to the inheritance cash advance company as early as possible. When the estate closes, executor automatically pays the money to the inheritance cash advance companies as part of the transaction. However, discounts and rebates are offered by some companies for heirs that pay back the loan early.

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Source by Rajesh B Sanghvi

Uses of Cash Books in Accounting

So what are cashbooks used for? Cash books in accounting are used to record both cash transactions received by the business and cash paid out by the business.A cash book has two sides; The debit side and the credit side. Each side of the cash book in accounting has columns for; -Date
-Particular; where you record the products.
-Bank; This is where you record payments made by cheques and receipt of cheques.
-Cash; This is the column where you should record cash received and cash paid out.

Debit side; This is used to record any cash received after which it is posted in the cash column in the cash book. For example if you made sales on a cash basis of goods worth 80,000$, then this will be recorded on the debit side on the cash book. The debit side is also used to record cheques received by the business i.e if a customer pays for goods by cheque worth 120,000$, then this is
recorded on the debit side on the bank column.

Credit side; The credit side is used to record cash and cheques paid for by the business. For example if your fuel costs about 100$ and is used up in a day, then it will be credited or written on the credit side of the cash book.However if the supplies are paid for using a cheque worth 200,000$ then it is recorded on the Bank column of the credit side of the cash book. So what is the importance of a cashbook in accounting anyway? You may ask. Well, a cash book;
1. A cash book helps the business in capturing all the payment and receipt for a particular month or duration.
2. A cash book is used to reconcile Bank statements.
3. A cash book can be used as a reference in accounting during auditing hence it gives evidence that goes a long way in directing the auditors while they are going through your books of account.

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Stop Bad Financial Habits And Choose A Fresh Start

People are often influenced to give unsolicited advice to others about the easiest way to manage finances. Even though of the will make sense, the majority of these are very generic in general. You must exercise caution when you assemble a monetary strategy out from this information, though it’s important to create a precise and consistent plan.

Nevertheless, you happen to be still left together with the unanswered question. How would you prevent the decline of funds on stuff that are of no use, and yet approach managing your individual finances?

The Situation: A lot of people, including you, don’t fully understand how important it is to save cash with regard to their future. Figure out how to save first then spend, not the other way around. While this is superior to no savings in any way, it is definitely not the correct way to build an excellent savings plan.

Steps To Managing Your Individual Finances Well.

Listed here are some important tips that you can consider if you wish to reduce costs for the future. These techniques have helped a lot of people be successful at taking better proper care of their finances.

Put 20% Of The Earnings Into Savings

In case you are to be successful in the foreseeable future, carry out the opposite of just what the average person does. As opposed to saving whatever remains, save first and spend afterward. Even if you are expecting a reduced check than normal, be sure to save 20% out from each and every single check that you receive. Make sure to deposit this money once you receive money. You will have learned a vital lesson, and saving the amount of money than enables you to work your way down taking good care of everything, bills first.

Saving money assists you to create a healthy financial habit that will help you to budget your money efficiently for the rest of your way of life. You could possibly feel much less stressed about finances when you know that you have an urgent situation fund available.

Don’t Complicate Matters

It is obvious the iPhone 7 is great. Your buddies and colleagues have purchased it,but the iPhone 6 plus is one that you simply bought a few time ago. While many of these new gadgets are fun and exciting to have, you undoubtedly don’t need a new phone unless your old phone is dying. You must never buy it unless you really want an iPhone 7.

Can that new phone do something that your particular old model can’t do? It is essential to sometimes treat yourself with luxuries, just make sure this really is something great rather than some of those undesirable habits one does repeatedly. Additional money is the best money to pay, not the 20% you will be saving.

Cash Over Credit

Maybe you are from the opinion the charge cards in your wallet should be used, not hidden away. Often we start off with good intentions buying only small things likely to pay them off at the conclusion of every month. $50 here or $25 there can’t hurt, and you can always pay it off following the month. That brand of thinking gets people in trouble quickly, plus they rack up a pile of debt.

Using cash whenever you can will help you to curb this tendency. Don’t make use of credit card unless it’s a crisis situation. Alternatively, it is possible to change it out having a debit card, and that is a significantly better option!

Keep in mind that becoming a rock star at personal finance doesn’t have to be hard. It requires breaking undesirable habits and creating new, healthier ones.

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Use Lotus Notes Recovery Software when no other methods like compaction works for you

Compacting is needed when your database is exceeding its set size limitation. Basically, compacting means to remove the space that is allocated but unused. After compacting your database, you will find that your database is working more efficiently. Compacting a database, will make the unused space useful for you. When you perform deletion of the documents and attachments, the space that is left behind after compacting the database becomes useful. But many times, compacting the database does not help you sort out the issue. To overcome issues related to Lotus Notes application, you have to opt for a third party Lotus Notes Recovery tool to Recover Lotus Notes.

To illustrate the above issue, suppose you make an attempt to open a database locally with the help of a Lotus Notes application, the following error message appears on the screen that looks as given below:

„Database (.nsf) has grown too large; use File New Replica to recreate your file with larger capacity.“

Above error message bothers you every time you try to open a database and make an attempt to make a new copy or a new replica of the database.


The main cause for the occurrence of the above error message is that your Notes database has reached its size limit.


To resolve above error message, and to perform Lotus Notes Recovery, you need to compact the database. Compacting the database will help you to a great extent in solving the issue. For compacting the database, you have to right click on it, select a database, choose properties. In its second tab, select the option to compact.

If the above mentioned steps help you to sort out the issue, then it is fine. Otherwise, you will need to make use of a third party Lotus Notes Repair softwares. These tools Recover Lotus Notes database and all the data of the Lotus Notes mail components, such as contacts, attachments, appointments, To-do lists, calendar-entries, and more. There are many softwares available in the market which perform NSF File Recovery with great ease. Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery v2.0 is one software.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery v2.0 is a proficient tool that is used to repair & recover Lotus Notes database and other mail objects. The tool performs recovery of attachments, Java applets, OLE objects, and more. The repaired NSF file is stored in a location that can be easily detected by the host operating system. The tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT (SP6).

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Flux Family Secrets: The Ripple Effect Game Review

Flux Family Secrets: The Ripple Effect is a hidden object game that experiments a little with the genre. In this game, you will find hidden objects, puzzles, adventure and even a few history lessons! In Flux Family Secrets, you play the role of someone who does not know their past and are actively seeking it out. A mysterious family contacts you and sends you on an adventure of a lifetime. Using a time travel device, you get to go back in time and solve historical puzzles.

The story begins with the mysterious Flux family welcoming you into their home and presenting you with a few puzzles to prove your worth. You then discover that the family has a time travel device that they use to repair damage caused by time Ripples. You then get involved helping them realign history, going back in time and solving puzzles and obtaining artifacts in the various categories such as art, music and flight.

The gameplay in Flux Family Secrets is refreshing as well. Rather than searching each scene for a shopping list of hidden objects, everything you search for in this game has a purpose. You are required to find parts of items that have been broken up into a few pieces. Once the items are assembled, you will need to either place them back into the scene where they belong, or get them to interact with some other object in the scene to progress or activate a puzzle.

The puzzles in the game are plentiful and well spread-out throughout the game so that you don’t get bored with constantly looking for hidden objects. The puzzles aren’t too complex, but there are many of them and they are pretty well thought out. You get to solve cryptex puzzles, safe-cracking, arrangement puzzles and even a couple of arcade-style minigames.

When you get to the time travel bits of the game, you will find that the hidden objects and puzzles aren’t very straight-forward at all. In every „category“ that you go back to fix (such as Art or Music), you will be presented with 3 scenes featuring 3 masters in their craft. The objects and puzzles in the 3 scenes are interconnected. You will need to solve puzzles in one scene in order to unlock puzzles and objects in a different scene. This adds a new dimension to the game, requiring you to keep hopping between scenes.

The game also adds a nice „history lesson“ angle that makes it educational as well. The game will give you a brief description of Da Vinci and the Mona Lisa when you encounter them in the Art scenario. Similarly, you will learn more about the origin of flight and the Wright brothers when you encounter that scene in the Flight scenario.

The graphics and music are above average in this game. The art style and soundtrack are different for each scene and reflect the styles prevalent in those historical periods. In all, Flux Family Secrets is a game that tries to blend in features from the hidden object, puzzle, adventure and mystery genres and succeeds at doing so.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

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Source by Steven H. Ng

How to Earn an Online Income

It is fairly well known that internet commerce has exploded in the last five years. There are many work at home opportunities for stay at home moms and college students to earn an online income. However, not many web sites or books discuss ways that you can earn an online income on your own, without joining any programs or work at home opportunities that may or may not pan out. Here are some great ways to earn an online income working on your own.

1. Earn an online income as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are basically administrative assistants that work from home instead of in an office. They provide services such as data entry, typing, word processing, and classified ad posting. Anyone with a good knowledge of computers, office software, and typing skills can easily earn online income as a virtual assistant.

2. Earn an online income as a copy writer. Did you know that almost everything on the web that you read was written by someone other than the person who owns the web site? Copy writers are in high demand, and good copy writers earn some of the highest online income of any other internet commerce professional.

3. Earn an online income as a web designer. This one can be a little trickier to get into, but is well worth the time and effort. There are many short term educational programs, both on and off of the internet, that allow you to learn about web design in nine months to a year. Once you are finished with your schooling, you can easily earn online income as a web designer. Be warned, however, that the need for web site designers is waning with the advent of numerous software and online site builders.

4. Earn an online income as a graphic designer. Most small businesses do not have an in house advertising department. In addition, most advertising agencies charge insane amounts of money for the creation of brochures and other marketing materials. If you have great designing skills, creativity, and an expert knowledge of desktop publishing software, you can earn a great online income by creating brochures, advertisements, web sites, banner ads, and all manner of advertising material for small businesses.

5. Earn an online income through retail. You can sell just about anything online. Go to garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores to see what you can find. Often you can sell knickknacks, books, and other items online. You can also use the products of your hobbies such as quilting, sewing, or crafts to earn on online income through your own e-commerce store. Online stores are easy to set up and run, and generate tons of online income for people across the globe.

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Source by Mario G. Churchill

4 Simple Tips on How to Earn Consistent Profits at Forex

There are many tips out there that „show“ you how to win at Forex, but not all of them can make you succeed online. First things first, let us start at the premise no material or „guru“ can guarantee you achieve financial success consistently at Forex, the only person who can do that is you. The materials and forex education programs are developed to help you plan your trade and develop within you the discipline and tap the side of you who wants to win at Forex.

You do not want to win in Forex, you want to earn big CONSISTENTLY. There are wins out there and there are losses, and your fear of losing cannot be fixed by any medicine, but the only way to eradicate this fear is by understanding. And by understanding foreign exchange, there is knowledge and success.

Here are four simple steps in eliminating fear and achieving financial success at Forex.

1. Get Currency Education. The basis of all understanding is opening your mind to ideas and methods you may or may not have encountered before. Getting Educated with a credible Forex Course is the starting point of achieving the results you want.

The tricky part is there are a lot of information sources out there, choose wisely in whatever course you may go into. Free courses are great, but paid courses have credible persons behind it, such as Forex mentor. Education in Forex is like school or a university, private investment in education is an investment here that can pay you back tenfold.

2. Finding the best trading method. How will you know if it is „best“ for you? Here is a simple tip, no matter how complex or simple a forex method is for you, you cannot succeed if you cannot understand and apply it.

There are methods out there that may seem complex, and one may find a complex method „more effective“ in one way or another. The truth is that a complex method is just a combination of some simple ones used in an awkward manner. Find a method that you can easily understand and apply.

3. Discipline and Sacrifice. Sacrifice may mean negative to some of us, but technically, sacrifice is one’s giving up of a lesser thing to gain a bigger thing. In Forex, some losses may be the „lesser thing“ I was talking about, and the bigger thing you may get is education and experience. Adding it with time, and the bigger thing may not be only the education and experience, it is certain that so is your profits!

Discipline is another way to put the word consistency. If you cannot be consistent at Forex, there is no learning, and when there is no learning, there is no consistent profits. Taking time to study and discover new methods and approaches and sticking to it is what makes winners.

4. Be simple. Forex doesn’t have to be that hard on you! Over analyzing things, especially in Forex may just cause stress and occasional headaches. When analyzing trends and methods, look at the bigger picture in you mind, this will become clear and open you ideas you may not have seen or heard before.

If you know how to trade in the end of day basis, you will discover that you can be financially successful and rich with Forex. It requires less time, less stress, more patience and a different Forex trading method /rules than Day Trading.

Forex Trading is truly an option to create wealth and time freedom at the same time. Even successful traders experience loss, but following the four simple steps above can remove the side within you that has the fear, and lets out in you a side that wants to win.

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Buy Gold Coins as Bullion Gold Coins Gain Favor

In today’s world of global uncertainty, one thing remains certain: gold coins. Gold bullion coins continue to outperform traditional vehicles the same way gold coins and bars outperformed everything under the sun during the 1970’s. By holding gold coins in one’s portfolio, you dramatically reduce the overall risk of your portfolio. Just by having some gold coins as part of your strategy, you also allow the price of gold, as it increases, to bring up the value of your portfolio.

It is much easier to buy gold today than it was 30 years ago. Gold bullion coins are easily bought and sold with the click of a mouse. Not only is it easier to buy gold, but gold investments are exploding onto the investment scene like never before. In fact, gold coin sales by the U.S. mint in recent months have outpaced the gold coin sales of the prosperous-for-gold 1970’s. Despite this recent fact, the gold price is just beginning its increase.

As gold coins become more scarce, quite naturally, investors covet the yellow shiny metal at an ever increasing rate. The type of gold coins sought after by investors who follow the price of gold are American Gold Eagles, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, South African Gold Kruggerands, Australian Gold Kangaroos, Chinese Gold Pandas, and Austrian Gold Philharmonics. These are the most popular gold coins available to investors who want profit potential and protection. The benefit to owning these gold bullion coins is four-fold.
1. You get immediate liquidity. This means you can sell your gold bullion coins at or near the gold price at any time, anywhere in the world.
2. You are in control. A strong gold investment is an investment in certainty. Knowing you have gold coins in your possession that you can rely on makes a world of difference to one’s sense of financial well-being.
3. There is tremendous profit potential with gold bullion coins, more so than just about every other vehicle out there. It matters not whether you hold American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Kruugerands, or any other type of these gold bullion coins, they will provide a well positioned investment portfolio an increased probability of profitability.
4. Last but not least, gold bullion coins provide economic safety and stability in a world increasingly plagued with uncertainty and dangers.
Those are some of the „pros“ of owning gold bullion coins. There is more that a first-time purchaser of gold coins should be aware of; the „other side of the coin,“ so to speak. If you own American Eagles, Canadian maple leafs, South African Kruugerands, Austrian Philharmonics, Chinese Pandas, or Australian Kangaroos, they are subject to confiscation by the federal government. In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt issued an executive order which required U.S. citizens to turn in all gold bullion coins produced by the U.S. mint, as well as any gold coins and bars produced by foreign governments. Our country, in that period was in the peak of a crisis: the dollar was in trouble, smart investors were getting out of stocks and bonds, and unemployment was on the rise. This period was the great depression. The consequence of not turning in your gold bullion coins or gold bullion bars was a huge fine and jail. If you buy gold bullion coins today, like the American Eagle, the U.S. mint prints a $50 denomination on the back of the coin. Why? Because if the government were to confiscate gold bullion coins like they did in the 1930’s, you would only receive the $50 denomination value, despite the current price of gold in the market, whether that price be $500, $1000, or even $2000. The chance of such Federal government confiscation is universally deemed as unlikely.

Also gold bullion transactions are reportable to the IRS. We will also cover in detail the type of gold transactions that are not reportable, private gold, momentarily.

Also important to recognize is that as the price of gold fluctuates, so does the value of gold bullion coins.

Nevertheless, despite these contingencies, asset managers all over the country are recommending allocating at least some portion of an investment portfolio to gold. Prices are on the rise, in what analysts have termed a long-running bull market which is just in its beginning stages

Investors naturally gravitate to gold investment vehicles where they can expect the greatest return with the smallest amount of risk. In the physical gold market certified gold coins reign supreme. Certified gold coins are the gold coins minted by the US Mint befor the year 1933. $20 Saint Gaudens, $20 Liberty, $10 Indian, $10 Liberty, $5 Indian, $5 Liberty and $2.5 Liberty gold coins are all examples of the most profitable gold coins an investor can acquire for several reasons.
1. Certified gold coins have a limited mintage. The government can not go back and mint any more of these gold coins. You want to own gold coins that continue to go up because of this fact year after year regardless of what the gold price does. Because of their limited availability these gold coins can surpass the gains seen by gold bullion 2 to 5 times.
2. Certified gold coins are also one of the last legally private assets the government allows you to acquire. World Financial and are not required to ask for a social security number when you buy gold coins or when you sell gold coins.
3. Non-confiscatable. Certified gold coins are exempt from confiscation. Certified gold coins are exempt from confiscation if the government decided to confiscate gold like they did in between 1933 and the early 1970s. You were in a world of hurt during those almost 40 years of you were holding the wrong kind of gold coins. So you can rest assured your certified gold will do what its supposed to do under the most strenuous conditions — protect your money.
4. Immediate liquidity. World Financial is a major market maker in certified gold coins and will assist in converting your gold coins back into cash on a moments notice.
In addition to the advantages listed above, certified gold coins are also more stable than bullion gold coins. The value of a certified coin is not solely determined by what the spot price of gold does. In fact, certified gold provides more stability than the stock market, bond market, or just leaving your money in cash. So if you are tired of having to worry about the current economic environment you may want to consider diversifying out of riskier vehicles into an asset that has stood the test of time.

Portability is also something you should keep in mind when selecting which type of gold coins are right for you. To put things in perspective, you could carry one million dollars worth of certified gold coins in an attaché case. This should give you a sense of comfort knowing that you have acquired an asset that is completely portable and discreetly portable.

Gold Coins backing your IRA or 401k rollover makes the perfect diversification asset in today’s uncertain economic environment. Gold coins can be added to your retirement strategy in just a few easy steps.

Step 1. Determine what portion of your retirement account you would like to convert over into gold coins.

Step 2. Print out the one page Gold Coin IRA Setup Form and fill out to the best of your ability. Fax the form into our retirement account department at (818) 506-6597.

Step 3. A Gold Coin Customer Service representative will contact you in a very short amount of time to confirm and guarantee the availability of your gold coins. We then work with your existing custodian to get the appropriate funds transferred over into your new self-directed IRA, backed by physical gold coins.

American eagle bullion gold coins are one of the most popular gold coins allowed by the IRS for your precious metal IRA. American eagle bullion gold coins come in 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce, and 1/10 ounce denominations. These gold bullion coins are guaranteed by the US Mint for purity, weight and size. The Gold American Eagle bears the „W“ mint mark reflecting the gold coin was struck at the US Mint at West Point. The obverse of the American eagle bullion gold coin features Augustus Saint-Gaudens‘ full-length figure of Liberty with flowing hair, holding a torch in her hand and an olive branch in her other hand. On the other side of the gold coin a male eagle carries an olive branch as he flies above a nest containing a female eagle and her eaglets. Each gold coin is encapsulated in plastic and comes with a custom designated Certificate of Authenticity.

American Eagle Proof gold coins are also available. The proof gold coins are more desired because each year they are produced by the US Mint in a limited quantity. Each proof gold coin is struck several times with a special die to create a more lustrous finish. Because of the limited quantity, investors will typically prefer these gold coins for their retirement accounts. Weather we are talking about gold coins or widgets whenever there is a limited amount naturally prices increase faster and become more valuable. The American Eagle Proof gold coins are also exempt from confiscation. A lot of investors like knowing they have the type of gold coins backing their retirement account that are not subject to confiscation by the Federal government.

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